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    Probably closest approach to us. A lot of rain and winds from mid 20s to low 30s mph. Actually happy as it saves me money as the irrigation system can be rested.
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    Most people don't fall off things nearly as often as you, but still sound advice. 😎
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    Spent the weekend on the lake! I’m addicted.
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    Meanwhile ... https://www.theverge.com/tldr/2019/9/2/20844377/apple-card-wooden-case-leather-discoloration https://kerfcase.com/products/apple-card-case?variant=29378319843402
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    Shelly, I highly recommend getting a buoyant sunglasses retaining system and/or floating sunglasses. My Maui Jims that I used for such things are now residing at the bottom of the Tennessee River after I rolled a waverunner a couple years ago. Glad you're having a blast!
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    Outstanding cover of a Stan Rogers classic.
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    Current generation rolex could step up the whole box, included cards, books etc. Especially on their higher end models. The boxes and things may get larger but the quality of the materials printing etc is just unimpressive compared to what other brands offer.
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    Today's the day, Stretch! https://jalopnik.com/the-750-hp-2020-porsche-taycan-turbo-s-is-a-stupidly-qu-1837865197?
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    Still Why We Sleep, just got to a part that made me think of Matt and that dreadful day. Basically, the author shows how driving while sleep deprived is as bad or worse than driving inebriated, because there isn’t as much of a stigma against driving while tired. Impaired judgment is still impaired judgement, no matter the cause. And as I’ve always said, when your judgment is impaired, your judgment as to whether or not your judgment is impaired is impaired. From what little I know of what happened, it sure sounds like sleep deprivation may have been a large factor.
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    Best not to mess with nature's fireworks.
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    Sounds like you want something like AirParrot? https://www.airsquirrels.com/airparrot/
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    Slightly later Rolex booklets are less interesting, regardless of whether it was my dad's or not. That 1680 is in a safe deposit box. Noon pearl intact.
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    Another thing for watch fans. Camp Eagle was where the 101st Airborne had their headquarters. That was obviously not retained by the jeweler.
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    You should probably always fly a kite (with key) whenever outside to be safe.
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    Started my daily walk in light rain. Rain became heavy. Raised umbrella. Saw lightning and heard thunderclap less than a second later. Realized I was a walking lightning rod. Turned around and went home.
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    Unpacking and setting up house music. Loaded up and played on Random... good day Today's load up and Random Now - some Sade...
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    Not quite yesterday, but last week. What passed for grass in our garden was 50% weeds and infested with ant hills that defied all attempts, chemical, biological and thermal, to kill off. So after three weeks of preparation (painting 35 metres of fence twice, painting walls white, all after digging out 15 metres of Virginia Creeper and ivy) a team of five guys came for four days to fit artificial grass. Cheap it was not, but the effect is so much better that the mess it replaced.
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    Well... I've been missing having a stick car in the stable. Was planning on purchasing a different car but the order banks for what I want do not open until next year. In the process of punting my Demon (suspension is not to my liking...way to singular in personality...drag suspension and I prefer more of a road race setup), I bought a car yesterday that I have yet to see in person so this should be entertaining. 2012 BMW M3 coupe manual w/ "slick top" and competition package in Interlagos Blue / black leather. It's got some miles on it, but these are getting more difficult to find. V8 motor that spins to 8300 rpm. It's light on torque for what I'm accustomed to, but hopefully I'll leave it alone and not slap a blower on it...LOL. There's actually a nice kit out there. Just something to drive for a while that's more nimble than the Trackhawk. Should look something like this except with the carbon fibre roof and no sunroof...thank goodness. vroom vroom... HS
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    Damn Greg, you really do live in Jim Stafford country!
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    Almost done casing the Dynahi. The input XLR sockets are temporary, waiting for the Neutrik ones to arrive. Also, cased the dual GRLV PSU which I will be using for both the SUSY Dynahi and balanced CFA. Two Antek 100VA transformers and the GRLVs are set for 30VDC rails.
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    RIP Peter Lindbergh https://time.com/5668300/peter-lindbergh-death/ "This should be the responsibility of photographers today: to free women, and finally everyone, from the terror of youth and perfection."
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    Pre-Dorian, full moon, high tide walk on the beach By the way, the first picture is a part of the beach open to vehicles. The posts mark the furthest toward the dunes that vehicles are allowed. Vehicle access was closed down due to the high, high tide.