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    Not today, but yesterday. Completed the Kelly Brush Century for the second year running. Trained hard, cut about 30min off my previous time and had a ton of fun with the same group of guys that I've been doing these rides with for the last 7 years.
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    This weekend I flew down to Bangkok to meet the man himself, Wachara. For me the the entire RR1 Project was a dream - to develop a fully in-house Headphone with Bespoke parts specific to the Headphone and to meet my Heroes along the way. RR1 has enabled me to meet some of the greatest people in the Industry worldwide and that's the only success I see in the Headphone. Everything else to me is irrelevant. With Wachara, I've met all the Heroes I wanted to meet and that ends the RR1 chapter for me. Kaldas was named after my Grandfather and our goal with the company has always been quite diverse. We started the Headphone project knowing we would be in financial turmoil by the end of it and that is indeed, the truth. I will be managing our Headphone division not for long now, as we expand our production and settle the Manufacturing, the responsibilities will be handed over to one of my longest serving Engineer who was instrumental in the RR1 development. I will divert my attention to some of my other dreams. Thank you to everyone whom I've met along the way. Those memories will serve me well for a long time. Where it all started for me. Visiting G.R.A.S. in Denmark Meeting Birgir in Iceland At Audeze HQ in Los Angeles Klippel in Dresden And finally.
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    A recording ... Of With this lot Not bad for a 65 year old.
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    Another mini, and hopefully the last that I build (#5), this time for me. I accordingly did some things a bit differently... Headers and shunts instead of the 0R resistors... And as earlier threatened: MPSW thru-hole output transistors. A bit painful to do, but not so bad once I got going. Temps seem lower; 71°C is the highest I have measured so far. IIRC the PZTAs were often in the 80°C range. After casing it, etc. I'll report back. I have PZTAs so can go back to those if warranted.
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    Well Done! Since I couldn't go to Denver to be with you crazies I did a little vinyl listening- A acetate master Played on this Made louder with this and a bottle of Franciacorta Then made really loud and clear through these
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    Aumkar and I had a good time on Saturday. We started the day with a short city tour. I took him to visit the Temple of Emerald Buddha, Grand Palace, and Wat Poh. Then we had lunch with a few of my headphones lover friends. After that, we had a mini headphones meeting. At the meeting, we had Stax SR007 MK1, SR009, My DIY Orpheus Clone, Omega Clone, JF Clone, and of course Aumkar's RR1 headphones. I brought my KGSSHV Carbon, KGST, and KG Grounded Grid, and my friend brought his DIY 300B single ended amp. The RR1 showed very good performance with all the amps we tried. The treble was just right and the bass was impactful and deep. I think they're good headphones for fast music. Aumkar kindly gave me a pair of RR1 and an extra pair of drivers for me to play with. Here are some pictures of the stators, spacers, and dust shield. I'm very impressed to hear that he actually machines down the 4 mm aluminium sheet to 0.8 mm so that he can have the absolutely flat stators. The look and feel of the headphones are good. Aumkar told me that all the cups are 3D printed, sanded, and painted in house. With all these labor intensive works, the result is quite impressive. I basically can't tell that these components are 3D printed at all. All my Thai friends like his headphones and have already asked me to help place their orders with Aumkar.
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    Cocteau Twins are always one of my top listens, I "go" to them periodically and run through a lot of their output.... Another fave of mine, a little more mellow and ambient, is Victorialand. Not as cool/freaky/spacey as Treasure, but a good listen when you're in a do-nothing mood or when you need something not TOO distracting while you work.
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    Re: the Cocteau Twins – I've owned Milk & Kisses and Heaven or Las Vegas for years, but I've been meaning to check out their earlier albums forever. I'm glad the store that I visited has an eclectic selection. In the House of Strange Affairs – My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult
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    Should anyone be interested in Noise: A Human History of Sound and Listening by David Hendy, the ebook is on sale for $1.99 at Amazon, Apple, Google, etc.
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    Monza!!! Couldn't sit down for the last 30 minutes! Lots of Alonzo sightings (whatever that means?).
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    Hi All. Poping in from wherever the hell I've been. Posting in this thread because I'm mostly listening to the Uptopias these days and they're a bit of an odd load impedance-wise....... I've been threatening to try a solid-state amp for, well, years now. Without ever having done anything about it. A conversation over the weekend reanimated the idea. I'm seeking nominations for a SS amp that would work well with the Utopias - low Z out, quiet, don't need a ton of gain - that could be gotten for a small amount of money (<$1,000) since I have no idea if this is just a lark or not. And I suck at selling things, so said amp might be sitting in my rack, used or not, for quite some time. Doug's DSHA 3F is an/the obvious choice, but out of my experimental price range. It wouldn't hurt if the candidate amp had power to drive inefficient planars, as well. There is a Headamp GS-1 offered for sale elsewhere. The owner wants to bundle it with a pair of headphones that I need like I need to run a 3/8" Speedbor through my skull diagonally. If I can convince him to un-bundle, that seems at first blush like it might work. And Justin's work is beyond reproach. So there's that. Any thoughts?
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    @mikeymad They don't know about you. https://robbreport.com/food-drink/spirits/sothebys-is-about-to-auction-the-most-valuable-whisky-collection-ever-2867835/?fbclid=IwAR3svzetVMkXgQht97odkcfvBmlT1ZREj3U8m-YnR1jdTNQjaxaVjH0V_Vk
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    Green Frontier or Frontera verde. I have the language advantage here, yet there are a number of Amazonian ethnic groups with their language in play, and having to rely on subtitles in these instances. There isn’t much to be said here before having to go into spoilers. Cinematography is superb, excellent cast, great locations. There are issues, but overall enjoyed the trip. I use the word trip here perhaps with 3 meanings. Think Darren Aronofsky-ish style.
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    Thanks. I hadn’t seen that. One last link... https://archive.org/details/TheLivesOfHarryLime or http://www.oldradioworld.com/shows/Lives_of_Harry_Lime.php
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    Since my bracelet was mentioned here, new bracelets seem like a reasonable post. It looks like three, but it's two. One is Gucci (not a brand I would usually wear, but I really like this; it has cat heads on the inside of the cuff ends!) and the other is a vintage-styled mesh-and-ring.
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    That Cocteau Twins is superb. Me, now, don't mean to be a cliche, but...damnbient:
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    As an opposite to the Sigma above, love shooting with the m240, though AF would have certainly produced more keepers here. A couple shots from yesterday paired with the Voigtländer 50 f/1.5 Nokton. Basic edits in Capture One, Technical Pan (which I’m starting to really like) applied in Exposure, then tweaked in Snapseed for mobile.
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    Another one lives... this one is sbeylos. Haven't listened to it yet. I was doing current draw testing here. Without heatsinks: 275mA AC. With heatsinks: 249mA AC. Bias was around 15mA (~300mV across the 20R). Heatsinks should keep that in check.