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HC Bike/Cycling Thread


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In a few weeks I'll have a new pedals: A Favero Assioma Duo.

It's my first pedals with watt measure. A friend of mine has ones and he is very satisfied with this thing...The price here in EU is "correct" if you compare this with the Garmin for example (450€ vs 1000€). I'm not sure why this technology is so expensive. Curiosity my friend spend 450€ in this pedals around 4 years a ago.

I hope that this thing will be than hard like my old Look Keos 2 with 12 years of abusses.

Someone have experience with this pedals?








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On 11/14/2022 at 7:44 PM, Voltron said:

I did a 20 mile ride today and somewhere along the way I wondered whether @MexicanDragon has logged 20 miles total on his new Vado that got him so excited. Waiting for a reply...

Grrrrr... was going to tell you and everyone else who got a Specialized SL-equipped bike that there is a great deal (25% off) on accessories, including the range extender (which was REALLY hard to find previously), and 25% off of the Y-adapter (that I used today before I ride with @cetoole and Xavier)  https://www.specialized.com/us/en/shop/equipment/gear/turbo-extras/c/turboaccessories

Then I am reminded of @Voltron's snarkiness, and then I thought about my favorite Google search: https://www.yelp.com/search?find_desc=breakfast+biscuits&find_loc=Bellevue%2C+WA

Have a good ride!

/me muahahahahahahahahahas

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Nice day and my best time in the crono. 2 th of my group but at 5 minutes of Joseba Beloki. A nice guy, great cycling,. climb  with he has been a honor.

I'm finding a transport for the Brent bike :-)







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11 hours ago, tyrion said:

This week I will see if my 11 year mtb still works. Been years since I’ve been on a trail.  

More than anything, check air pressures in the suspension.  Would not be fun to bottom out the front and get launched due to low pressure.  

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