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HC Bike/Cycling Thread


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Liked the Turbo Vado Super Light so much, I bought another one in Michigan. Same silver and black. We couldn't find Claire an SL in Northern Michigan or online so we got her the  regular Turbo Vado 5.0 in cherry red. Hers puts out 4x your effort, which is twice the assist of the SL, but it is a much heavier bike. Both are great for the rolling hills and we have already done 30 and 40 mile rides 



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Legs will be feeling this for a bit. 


Notice the one minute and thirty seven second difference between moving and elapsed times.  I did not stop other than for a dropped chain and at a few ride lights.  I should have eaten more and needed more fluids but all in all, survivied ok and feel ready for the century in a couple weeks.

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After 10 years of servitude my Garmin Edge 810 has perished... luckily I didn't buy a new pc so my "candy budget" was intact and yesterday I bought an Edge 1040.

It's huge and although the 810 had quite a few sections and metrics, this junk surpasses it. I don't really need that much but one of our patrons made us a good offers this year so...

One question, Will I be able to see the Stanley Cup with this? 😁





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On 9/8/2022 at 3:27 AM, n_maher said:

Love my new to me 1030, couldn't swing all the way up to the 1040.

Really I don't think you'll notice much difference. Some of my colleagues bought the 1030 two years ago and it has practically the same functions. In fact, for example it is physically identical (I have put a cover and a 1030 tempered glass and it fits perfectly)

This weekend we were able to compare them I can say you that "nothing new under the sun". 

We were also able to compare the 1040 solar and EMO for the moment until the screen/solar panel technology evolves, it is not worth investing the extra €160 vs. 1040 edge 


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