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stax mafia circuit boards see updated links on page 5

kevin gilmore

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I appreciate all these designs and other not in the list, but even more I appreciate the way you make them available to the DIY community and your disposition to help with additional information, answering posts and private communications.


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Just wanted to join in and say thanks as well.


I'm going through a mid-life crisis phase of my life, and as part of this, I'm starting to get serious about DIY audio :P


At this stage, I'm in the early phases of planning to construct a balanced dynahi amp (attempting to source some PCBs at this point, might have to fabricate some myself from the gerber's you've made available and checking to make sure I can get all the antiquated components) - got a long journey ahead, but this place has provided a great starting point.

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microsoft iis

i don't think so

and i'm way to lazy to do a web page

if someone knows a way, i can certainly can do it

what i can do is sort the directory by date and put it into info.txt file

which i will do later


just do "DIR >> directory.txt" or  simply put in a batch file


@echo off

dir >> directory.txt


and just run it everytime you do an update ...

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1 hour ago, kevin gilmore said:

at some point in the next couple of weeks, my server will be put behind a massive firewall. At which point the ip address will change and the dns will change. So it may appear to be down for up to a day.

dns change? how will this effect visitors?

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