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I'm sure this has been posted before but anyone care to try to explain this pic?

It's quite simple really...

A UPS courier was delivering a package. The package happened to be a sewing machine that was needed for an emergency repair of a wedding gown, on the day of the wedding.

After delivery of said item the courier (from now on to be reffered to as Bob) went back to his truck to find that he had been blocked in from the rear by multiple wedding party attendees. Bob decided that it would be much faster and easier to drive forward, between the houses onto the sidewalk, where he had hoped to turn in between a few houses further down, and get back onto the culdesac for a speedy exit. Not having room to turn 90 degrees, because of a rare Athabascan Woolywood tree planted to close to the sidewalk, Bob decided to cut the corner in stages. While backing up for a better angle, a scared Mother opossum, and her eight babies jumped from the tree, landing on the windshield of the UPS truck, thus scaring the shit out of Bob. Bob's natural reaction was to floor the truck to escape the wild pack of animals, thus overrunning the bank, and sliding down into the dry river bed, that coincidentally had just begun to fill with water from a freak accident at the dam up the road, caused by a FedEx driver delivering a SinglePower amplifier.

It seems that during an abrupt stop, one of the floor wart power supplies came through the top of the case that was not very secure due to different size screws being scrounged to fasten it, and hit the courier (Sam, Bob's second Cousin's Husband) in the back of the head, causing Sam to momentarily blackout, veering into the side rail of the dam, causing sparks that ignited the gas tank of the Ford Pinto ahead of him. This caused the Pinto to explode, which weekened the structure of the dam, causing a small leak, which quickly grew into a large leak, because the crew operating the dam had been at the batchelor party of the Groom that Bob was delivering to, and were too hungover to react fast enough to keep the dam intact.

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