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Carrera 4S is my dream car and, god willing, will be my next car after the WRX. It might be 6-7 years before I pick one up, but  getting one eventually is the plan as long as life doesn't get in the way.


Should be plenty of well-loved 991s around when you're ready to jump. Got some good advice on optioning from one of the dads at our soccer club, who sells them. To whit:


-- Everyone orders Sport Chrono and no one ever uses it, unless they really like driving around in second gear at 50 mph.


-- No one orders PDCC and they all should.


-- Full electric seats are a rip and weigh a fuckload, 4-way is fine.


-- PDK is the best thing since naked ladies.

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Jeff, have you though about an Infinity Q5?

I've been following this thread as I am looking to buy or lease a new car (as my Honda Accord is about 11 years old-fashioned although it only has 50K miles on it). I was thinking of an Audi A4 or a BMW 3 series of some sort. Really, I want a car that is nicer than the Honda Accord I've been driving but don't want to spend over 40k. I could live with getting a Honda Accord 6cyl again but that is really boring. The Infinity should have less maintenance than the Audi and BMW and is larger (more used to what I have). Don't think I should go with as BMW 5 series since I probably don't drive enough to spend that kind of money.

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I did look at them.  Seemed like a nice car, but like most of the cars you mentioned I think the Q50 cars I saw were all well over 40k.  Not sure why the infinity would have less maintenance than the Audi and BMWs.  I have never heard of Nissans to be all that reliable.

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I thought about several Lexi, as they seem to be the best built cars out there. My main issue was they are a much softer and slower version of the BMW that I think is too soft.

Really? Did you compare the IS 350 F to the S4? What year/model Audi did you feel bested it in terms of speed (can't comment on handling)?

Edit: it's been a while since I looked and my memory could be failing me... But.

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Steve I would have strongly considered the Tesla, especially as they are now a client, but I live in a townhouse so charging it would be a bitch.

Why not get them to build a supercharger at the station? Problem solved and guaranteed rockstar parking?

Alternatively, hire a minion whose duty is to charge the car in your absence.

They can use the 'frunk' as their quarters.


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