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On 4/24/2020 at 8:52 AM, JoaMat said:

...... For instance Q30,31 with 2sc3324, a sot23 smd part. ......

Warning!!! I’ve tested sot 23 even a 500V/0.5W piece. Three times it started OK, but after some time (several power ON/OFF and hours) without a warning one of Q30/31 has popped and corresponding resistor totally destroyed. Furthermore two ksc2690 (k216 eq.), one fjpf2145 (c3675) blown and damages to PSU. 

If you don’t know what you are doing (I obviously haven’t a clue) don’t change Q30/31. Let them be 2sc3675 (or fjpf2145 - I used it for more then six years now).

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So I built I fire today...


This will eventually be a golden reference bias supply / doubler (because over-kill has no limits).

My probe apparently touched something it shouldn’t have. 

Quite the spectacular fireworks. My heart is still racing :) 

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Remarkably, most of the components survived. The current regulator, U1, was vaporized along with the set resistors. The main fire was from the bottom through hole resistor. 

Next step, Poubelle!

After that, I’m putting in a more robust current regulator. 

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You inspired me to get off my ass and work on my first real mod for the Traeger, a magnetic cutting board to mount to the top of the pellet hopper.  I used the Shapeoko to machine a pocket into the back side of the cutting board as well as to make the recesses for the magnets.  Then used the laser engraver to etch Traeger's logo into the top.  




I'll probably make a fancier version at some point but this will do for now.


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47 minutes ago, shellylh said:

Love the cutting boards Al and Nate!

Nate:  I got this front folding shelf for my Traeger and love it.  Don’t know why it doesn’t come with the grill.   



I'm planning something similar, just likely out of wood to accent the grill. If I get the manufacturing time down I'll make you a cutting board for your Traeger. 


That cutting board is gorgeous, well done!

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