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16 minutes ago, n_maher said:

Since when is necessary a measuring stick around here? I'll shoot you a message with the dimensions that I need and we can go from there.

Well, it is in the sense that the necessity of something is inversely proportional to its likelihood of happening around here.

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I assembled some 170Wx1 ICE amplifiers, that will power a pair of passive tapped horns for subwoofer duty




Channel 2 (XLR input, 8 ohm load)


Channel 2 (RCA Input, 8 ohm load)


Channel 1 (XLR Input, 8 ohm load)


Channel 1 (RCA Input, 8 ohm load)


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Thanks Kerry. I've got some thoughts on really building my own after these first two.  The biggest hurdle in this build was simply assembling and mounting the crossovers, which once completed reminded me very much of my point to point wiring adventures back in the day and was quite fun. The next project should be easier (more interior space) but the long term vision is to use the CNC router to build an enclosure for some leftover drivers and tweeters that I have from a long-abandoned speaker building project and make some that I'll actually use. I will say, the little 6" sub in this thing, along with the passive radiator on the back, produces impressive results.

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That's sweet Nate!

As for me...

I'm planning on getting back into vinyl, so I purchased a Parasound Zphono USB. I can also digitize any albums I might want to. But that left me with a dilemma, as the rack I built for My Parasound Z stack won't fit any more gear. So today I built a new rack to accommodate all seven Z units. It's in the first coat of finish, and I still need to attach the rack mounting hardware, but it might just resemble the speakers I built about 2 years back. Pics within a few days. 



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Bohlander-Graebner ribbon super tweeters and Dayton Audio full range drivers, both from Parts Express. Luvdunhill did all the calculations for interior volume, port and he built the crossovers. They sound amazing! I liked the way I grooved the Cherry baffles, so decided to make the new rack a similar look.

There's a little more about the speaker build on pages 13 and 14 of this thread.

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Question for those with CNC thingys:

i have a project where I would like to create a translucent dial. Something like rigid paper or plastic with a velum look. I need to put some markings on it, a scale from 0 to 100mA. 

How would you approach this? It would be less than a few inches in diameter and a kidney shape. So, I would need a method that could also cut out a complex shape. I also wasn’t sure how well CNC could ink? If not ink, a very thin line could work, perhaps not even all the way through the material - like an etching.

Of course I just need like two, so that’s a factor as well.

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