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Looking for earbuds for running and niking under 250$

The Holy Joker

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Hello, first post for me. 

I'm looking to buy Non-Insulating wireless earbuds for running and biking in city. I already have sennheiser pmx 685i, that I really like, the only problem is every 2-3 months I have to send them to repair to switch the cable. I'm a fan of sennheiser, I have sennheiser 598sennheiser 380HD pro, and audio technica ath-m50x

here are my priorities:



Sound quality

Behind the neck type (like the sennheiser pmx 685)

Features such as heart beat monitor



My budget is 250$ and under. 100$ is also a great option.

I'm willing to buy in ear headphones if you're able to hear your surroundings while biking in city with them

I dont like headphones with too much bass booster.

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Also, seeing as how you copied and pasted your post from somewhere else, you probably already have located a better place than this for that kind of question.  We appreciate the zeal with which you're looking for information, but all you'll get from us is sarcasm and inappropriate advice. 

That said, JH13s make fantastic workout headphones.

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56 minutes ago, Hopstretch said:

Where it will spark a 40-page thread, packed with recommendations for the Cao Ni Ma Audio Shabi 250.



I have a stuffed animal 草泥马 on display and no one who has seen it has made the connection yet, or if they did they didn't mention it

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