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March Madness


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I have a lot of friends who are MTSU grads. I didn't realize they were there, or any good, but I saw more local basketball talk last week than I had since UTC(hattanooga) made it and was picked up by Jimmy Fallon.


Maybe I should go watch that game against Butler at some local bar.


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20 minutes ago, TMoney said:

And down goes Nova!

I've still got all my elite 8 alive, but that can change quickly.

The Northwestern love was nice while it lasted. They have zero chance against this Gonzaga team.

Zero is being kind.

I picked Wisconsin, and in fact having them winning the next game as well, but Duke going to the Final 4. Actually, looking at Dave's brackets above, my East is identical to his.

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Death of my brackets! Oregon outplayed and definitely outshot Kansas tonight. My Final 4 is gone. Only guessed 1 game right in the First 4, then got 24 in the first round, 10 out of the Sweet 16, and 4 out of the Elite 8. That's 39 in total. I've done better and I've done worse.

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I'm embarrassed for the NCAA. That game was so shitty I think I might be done with college hoops for a long, long time.

This ESPN piece about sums it up. http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/19072726/referees-missed-shots-poor-play-make-forgettable-national-title-game

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Here's hoping 2018 is better (I missed most of the 2017 games).

It certainly is starting with a bang with Virginia loosing to UMBC!

I had no plans to watch the game so when I got out of the shower I glanced at the CNN homepage to see if that asshole fired a cabinet member in the last hour and wow!

Va didn't just loose. They got their asses kicked.




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