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7 hours ago, Voltron said:

Looking forward to this series. I've never read Watchmen but kind of want to. The movie pretty much sucked and I don't even remember what happened so I'm close to a blank slate for the series.

The movie more or less was what happened in the comics, but the movie was bad and the comics are really, really good. Sometimes it's not the circuit, it's the implementation, I guess. Keep in mind that Alan Moore hasn't had a good idea in about 30 years, and it's a series very much of its time.

As for me, Damon Lindelof is a total fucking hack, and I won't let him waste another second of the time I have left on this earth, if I can help it.  I'd rather watch a show written by my cats, and the script for it would just be the word "treats" written over and over.  At least that would have a reasonable ending, what with the cats finally getting treats.  That is a far superior ending to anything Lindelolf has ever written.*

*I haven't seen The Leftovers, but I have read the book.  No thanks.

Having said all of that, Al, if you are interested in the comics, the art by Dave Gibbons (pencils and inks, and I believe also the lettering) and John Higgins (colors), is a masterclass. And it's Moore at his best, and his best was very good (it's more than thirty years old :).)

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So three episodes in the show seems to be starting to hit its stride. I really enjoyed that third episode.

I have no idea what the show would be like to watch for someone who hasn't read the original comics or at least seen the movie. I think I'd be totally lost.


Looks like HBO is doing an "official" podcast with the same host that did the Chernobyl official podcast. That podcast was great so I will be looking forward to checking the Watchmen one out later this week.


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Agree episode three seems to be hitting the series stride, taking both a nearly singular POV and expanding the world and tying it together. It was the most fun episode so far, but have to also admit, it also makes me slightly nervous shifting to super-stuff. We’ll see. 

Also thanks for the podcast alert. 

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