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Post the last thing you bought!


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How often is not as often?

The Vista system is a laptop that I use as a desktop replacement at home. It only gets rebooted when I take it on the road. I have never needed to reboot it just because of memory leaks. That is absolutely not the case with any of the other 3 XP systems at home or my XP workstation at work.

Still more often than the need to reboot a *nix system.

But I don't need to constantly dick around with it either and can instead use it for what I need or want it to do :P

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It was a good weekend for some buying off eBay. I picked up a second hand Richter Griffin centre speaker to replace my little Paradigm CC-150 for my home theatre system.

I also picked up a set of ECC88 tubes, and some obbligato and some Russian K40 capacitors for my Bijou.

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