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What TV show are you watching now?


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For the hell of it, knowing nothing about the show, wanted to see if I could find a review of Alaska Daily that didn’t mention Northern Exposure. Rolling Stone? TV Guide? LATimes? Hollywood Reporter? Chicago Sun-Times? C’mon guys, there must be one. I give up. 

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That's funny. It has nothing in common with Northern Exposure, but since series about Alaska (withstanding reality shows, which really have nothing to do with reality) are rare, the comparisons will abound certainly. 

I imagine the show will be more fun for myself, because of the buildings and locations that I know well. Same can be said of the local viewpoints, which they've actually captured well.

It does make me homesick, so hopefully they'll film in winter to break that spell. 😁

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On 10/24/2022 at 12:34 PM, TMoney said:

No complaints about the GOT season. I enjoyed it very much.

Started The Peripheral over the weekend. Might this be the Amazon adaptation of a book from a beloved author that is worth watching? First two episodes have me very intrigued indeed!

Started watching The Peripheral. Pretty good; only watched the first episode but will try to catch some more this weekend.

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Shantaram. Four episodes in and while it plays like the book is likely even better and can come across a little white savior-y, it's a pretty compelling story and well visualized. Highly recommended you check it out if you have AppleTV+. Alternatively the Hollywood Reporter calls it "sprawling, meandering and inconsistent." 😶


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An Enjoyable Police Procedural, with an unusual setting, and plenty of breaking the fourth wall.

Derived from a BBC Radio Show , that ran for 6 series ...


With Nicola Walker playing the eponymous lead in both.

Now on PBS / Masterpiece


The Theme tune / song is evocative.


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