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What TV show are you watching now?


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The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey.

This is an Apple TV original. In my mind it's kind of a new interpretation of Flowers for Algernon, or if you've never read that, the movie based on the same story, Marty, starring Earnest Borgnine. 

It stars Samuel L Jackson. IMO it's his best work. Highly recommended!

It also stars the underrated Walton Goggins.

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I am pretty sure that the movie based on Flowers for Algernon is Charly, starring Cliff Robertson, which IMO is an outstanding movie adaptation of the short story/novel.

I will definitely check out this new adaptation. Thanks.

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In spite of my considerable reservations as to his character, it turns out that the current on hiatus status of The Grand Tour has left me wanting more freakishly tall British jackassery in my life so when the Prive Video splash page (bless its heart) suggested this to me last night:


I started watching.  True to form, Jeremy is bad at everything.  Also this show was filed right before Covid started, which certainly gives it a vintage feel.  It's like watching pre-9/11 films in 2002.

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Any of you watching the new series on Apple TV, Slow Horses? Gary Oldman stars, about a slow witted bunch of MI5 agents in Britain. Pretty good. I think the first 3 episodes are out now.

We finished watching the Night Manager and enjoyed that. Though we (my wife) loves Hugh Laurie (House).


Slow Horses - Episodes & Images - Apple TV+ Press


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Haven’t seen. 

Michael Mann is executive producing a new series on HBO called Tokyo Vice. He’s also directing a few episodes, including the pilot, which I just finished. Worth checking out. 


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Watching the first episode of The First Lady.

I think this is going to be a good show.

Michelle Pfeifer is the female Dick Clark. The woman doesn't age. 

Also nice to see Ellen Burstyn in something again. There's a few cast members dredged out of the past.

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