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Best closed-back to use in the office.


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I vote for a Denon D9200.  More discrete looking than the ES-R10.  Really efficient and great sounding too!  I still find the ES-R10 better but I don’t think it is suitable as an office headphones.


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Another vote for the DCA Aeon 2 Noire here
Just gave these a short listen yesterday. Might borrow them for longer if I can get a balanced cable as I didn't hear it properly driven, and yet the tuning on these is really-really good. Naturally full, yet not dark.

Where it fails is where basically any closed-back does, is that the bass is not very high quality for instrumental reproduction.
And of course it has very little chance to resolve as well as an estat. But it's not mushy at all and more punchy. Needs some power.
Otherwise, it is isolating (unlike most full-sized closed backs), well-built, folds down a really compact size etc. etc. just a nice sound with a high usability factor.

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