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The other kind is what we have here, people who through their work & experience have gained a ton of knowledge, far above that of the average person, and are willing to share their experiences. This is the good kind of elitism, educated viewpoints & opinions which have something to back them up. If for example I say "XYZ sucks", I can and will tell how it sucks, why it sucks, and the technical reasons for the how & why.

I believe in america that is what we refer to as a "think tank" - which I think is a good thing. It's why I like this place and usually post my questions here and ask for advice here than over there. If I posted a HP1000 vs. L3000 thread I would get a lot of "ooooh pretty cans can me touch dem?" - or I might get "can i see pics puhlease". Here I got some great feedback that actually helped me make a really big decision. Just the way it is.

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Mark half of the problem is that you're speaking to us like we aren't aware that what we say is noticed. Like we haven't had contact from manufacturers and the like. We're well aware. I fully understand that I could act a certain way and gather the interest of many companies to review there products or even find my way onto the payroll. I think most people that have written reviews, have a high post count and are noticed in the community have had some of those offers.

I just don't choose to go down that road. I want this to be my hobby. I own a business that pays me quite well. This is where I go to dump the stress of running that business. In this hobby I want to be completely free to say whatever I want about a product. I understand that might have some ramifications to others, and I play pretty fair. I never crap on a product just for the sake of entertainment, nor will I sing praise that I don't really believe any given product deserves.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not claiming you do any of these things, I'm just saying that's how I feel about getting involved in reviewing companies goods.

I like you am an MOT, but my little side business of S

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Are you just stupid or are you socially retarded? You've just done the equivalent of walking into a blue collar bar and yelling "hey everyone! I own the damn factories you work in, and I make $5 million bucks a year, and lemme tell you something, I know how the world work and you don't, and that's why I'm rich and you're all jealous of me!" And then you wonder why you're not getting a warm welcome.



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oh damn. This thread became GOOD STUFF. While I was gone.

I've read the whole thing up to now. And I've got to say. swt61 you couldn't be more wrong. Honestly, I'm appalled. (Appalled so much that my college student wallet is empty)

Certainly oicdn, uhm I mean saint.panda.

saint.panda has to sucker someone into insurance fraud, and then give away the review stand as collateral to keep the insurance check. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

Markl: do stick around, the users at head-case have been more than helpful, and I've gotten quite a bit of useful information and options for DIY amps that I wouldnt have access to had I not taken a look around. Also there seems to be no hype here, or if there is, it's a lot smaller in scale. Hyped up items are what truly make me sorry about my wallet afterwards =/. [AKG k26p-physically painful to ears (not SQ wise), regretable SQ wise, painful to wallet]. I've also actually found some new music that I might end up liking alot because of the head-case community. BTW, how'd that DIY amp situation turn out? Forgot what it was, maybe an M^3?

oh man. 5am, forget this hw assignment. lol. sleep time!

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Tyrion has turned into an upstanding guy, and has been added to my list-of-people-i-want-to-meet (you're on that list too, Kevin).

I get the feeling that if you ever met me you'd glare at me in a burning burning way. Like the way that peat burns in an open fire.

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... and go from hated fucknugget to all around popular guy..

What's a "fucknugget"?

[english is a second language for me]

like does it come with your choice of dipping sauce? (honey mustard ftw)

seriously, I'm curious hear what Purk eventually has to say

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