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Grado HF-2 thread


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I have the premier sponsors forum 100% muted on my version of Head-Fi so I didn't have to see any of that crap.

Same here, plus everything else (except canjam moderators forum and for sale forum)

EDIT: Seems to keep headache down, no? That and using mobile theme on iphone for HC have been my favorite findings so far.

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Yeah, it was real ugly, Todd is offering a great deal, yet they (especially that Necro guy IIANM) felt the need to constantly bitch and whine.

In the end Todd ended up reserving 16 units for some of the annoying posters... Oh well, at least that got them to shut up. Was funny to see how some of them quickly did a face turn after being "selected"... :rolleyes:


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Well, that "Necrolic" was makings lots of noise.

The other guy I think would be AndrewG (I could be wrong, posts were flying by soo fast); I think Todd got pretty pissed off at that guy at one point for calling him "incompetent". All those back and forth bickering were mostly uncalled for. No one was putting a gun to their heads to make them buy the HF2.

EDIT: http://www.head-fi.org/forums/6422827-post569.html

how am I not surprised

yet again TTVJ displays his trademark incompetence

Some of us went out of our way to try to get one of these, let alone have the time to refresh for hours. is that what TTVJ expects us to do? so they can milk the last profits out of these items and not care about screwing their customers

I hope Todd just ignores them and does not get too worked up over this mess.

Oh well, its all been said and done anyway.

I'm off to bed.

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Wow, the Head-fi thread is a massive douchebaggery contest, it's incredible how some people lack manners on the internet. Apparently TTVJ fucked up, but it's not like he owed anything to anyone and I think this sale was a pretty nice gesture from him to his customers. I hate those asshats who are destroying the small bit of community that still exists at on HF.

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After the drama over quality control mishaps with FI v. F1 and now this clusterfuck with b-stock, I'm sorta thinking Todd won't ever want to play middleman again for Grado's special edition runs for HF (if we see another one at all). Who can blame him? And more importantly, does the general membership even deserve SE stuff? Half these guys don't seem to understand the concept of appreciation or gratitude.

Oh and fuck that fucking douchefuck Necrolis, seriously.

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