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Tampa Winter Meet will be the weekend of 12/10-12

So, we're throwing around dates, and it seems like the weekend of December 3/4/5 is the least offensive to the parties that matter. That being the case, I hereby declare that there WILL be a Florida meet (Team Florida attendance is mandatory to maintain gold status) the weekend of December 3, 4, 5, 2010. Early arrivals and late departures are encouraged and expected.

Where - Tampa ... any out of towners can book flights to TPA, and we will accommodate you. If not by picking you up, you will have explicit directions for transport to meet.

I am very conflicted about about gear, so have decided to make this a gear optional meet. In my world, this works, because old hands who are tired of schlepping 100 pounds of iron to countless meets can relax without that obligation. OTH, anyone with new and amazing gear to thrill us, should definitely bring it on (me included - oh, yeah, I've got some you'll want to see).

I've saved the best for last ... accommodations will be near TPA for easy in - out air travel, (as if that mattered . see next phrase), and within walking distance of Cigar City Brewery, where they brew and serve beers of world class. Welcome to Cigar City Beer in Tampa Florida

Please indicate your interest in this thread, and a Team Florida member will be in touch to enhance your meet experience.

Note .. this is a Head Case only event ... No clowns allowed.

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Ok, then, I think we have a quorum. Just learned of a possible conflict for a vital member of Team FL, so am opening the date window to include the following weekend, 12/10.11,12 At this juncture, only the west coat chapter has an issue with 12/11, so we may have to throw him/her (how you like that PC?) under the bus (a flaming Mercedes bus, to be exact).

Bottom line ... is 12/10/11/13 ok?

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I'd have to miss the weekend of the 11th, but could make it for the weekend of the 5th. In fact, I'll probably be in Tampa at that time anyway.

My mom is coming to Cayman from December 11-19th and wants to be Mrs. Claus. That's a little weird, I know. We're actually going to call her Granny Claus instead. There will be a Miss, Mrs., and Granny Claus, along with several elves and a reindeer (mascot) this year. I'm really not good at cost control with my hobbies...

Anyway, sorry if I have to miss it.

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Stop being so modest. Or maybe you've forgotten what an ass John really is. Either way, you'll be missed.

Just kidding because I saw your post in passing while working late again. I could potentially make the meet the later weekend but it would require me to dial in to a lengthy partner meeting or delegate an issue I am supposed to discuss. I'm not saying I won't do it, but it might be impolitic.

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Guys let's not make it that, this in the end may not work out for me as the first weekend is bad due to a family trip but that weekend is best for the majority. The 18th starts to get into holiday party season with the family and the office for most. I'm good weekends second or third but do want you to make a change that excludes any of the core group so I can attend.

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