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What are you listening to Part the Third


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VAST -- lots and lots of VAST -- going through the entire catalog of studio albums on Tidal -- starting with Visual Audio Sensory Theater -- which is kind of bizarre, considering he started writing songs in his teens and this is his debut album, and contains a lot of droney single-key songs like this, rather than his more singer-songwriter-y stuff like Turquoise & Crimson and April.


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Sonar, Static Motion and Black Light -- math rock/King Crimson done with clean tones



Timm Biery, Too -- math rock/King Crimson done with Crimson-esque tones


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Byrne Eno Multitrack files

A while back there was a website where Byrne and Eno posted the multitracks for a couple of the tunes from the Bush of Ghosts album. The tracks are from the tapes that they used to assemble "Help Me Somebody" and "A Secret Life". The idea was to allow folks to download the tracks and create their own mixes and share them.

So, for any of you guys with DAW's capable of multitracking, have at it!



BTW these are on my google drive and I'll leave them on there for at least 2 weeks.

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