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And now what did you do TODAY?


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Started out the day getting stuff at Home Depot to replace the screens on house windows and door to our deck.  Since I'm an idiot, I bought the wrong spline size for the door screen, which I can't return since I didn't realize it until I opened it up and tried to use it.  Went out Lowes (closer than Home Depot, but I like it less) this time only to find they don't have the size I need in stock.  Three hours into my day, I've gotten nothing done.

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Here's a good "returning stuff to HD story.

A carpenter I worked with was at the local flea market and a guy was selling boxes of marble tiles. Some homeowner project gone wrong so he was selling them for half price.

Al (the carpenter) bought them all and put them in his pickup.

He drove them to the nearest HD and returned them for a full refund.

No receipt, no HD sticker, just the bar code on the box.

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One of the people putting up my sister is having a birthday today, so I'm hanging out with a bunch of fit, well groomed, well dressed, dare I say cute guys, and a couple shlubs and their wives and me and my sister.

Just thought I'd make Steve jealous.

Edit: Apparently, some of the cute guys are straight. Who knew?

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Question.  What do you do on the July 4th weekend with 900 of your closest friends?







We are not in this picture but it gives you some perspective of the venue.  Very impressive and at times surreal.  I am glad I had wine to decompress with after the event. 

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Walked into a homophobic discussion with gay slurs, and idiotic statements about how the new gay marriage ruling is a slap in the face to Christians and their beliefs. It got very, very quiet when I walked into the room. But for the first time I can remember, I remained calm. I stated my case without malice and without raising my voice. I have no idea if I changed anyone's mind in any way, but I don't really care. I was so happy with myself for not flying off the handle. I have to attribute recent events and my experiences at this years Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco, for my new found patience. I now think of all my great friends who wouldn't want me any other way than what I am, and I gather much strength from that.  NFLO!

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