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And now what did you do TODAY?


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I found out that the reason why our dishwasher quit working earlier in the week was due to a mis-wiring in the wall that could have easily caused a fire.  I was actually thanked for calling in a maintenance issue (my landlord is pretty good, in general, but he has certainly never thanked me for complaining before!).  Everything will hopefully be sorted tomorrow, with new wiring and a new dishwasher.  This would have been particularly bad, as Emily and I typically set the dishwasher to run at night, after we went to bed, so any fire would have been while we were asleep.  Smoke detectors and fire-putter-outers or not, that would have been bad.


Was reading the previous posts and catching up on this thread. Was kind of hoping you were about to blame your broken dishwasher on gay marriage.

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I started with reading glasses back in college and then went to full-blown prescription glasses few years later, when it occurred to me that I should probably be able to see/read the signs across the street while driving.  Recently, got fitted for daily contact lenses since I really hate having glasses while using my camera.

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I had an awesome time at the Bay Area HF meet today listening to rigs and chatting with friends old and new. It was fun to meet a few more of you in person after conversing online.


I played this one a little differently and brought a pair of HD 600s with me to test out all the rigs. Rather than listening to different headphones I basically stuck to only the HD 600s. They really do scale pretty remarkably to the rig. I posted my impressions over on the other site.


Other than chatting with friends, highlights of the meet included the Eddie Current table and the most beautiful DIY amp I've ever seen made by our own Frank Cooter. I put a few pictures of it

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Been playing that game for almost 15 years. I look at it as brain-training.

We just returned from IU. We dropped Peter off at soccer camp on Wednesday and picked him up today. Seems to have gone better this year compared to last most likely because he is now more mature than me.

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