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    The meet was superb and would have not happened to be this good unless the ACOA members are on board. Many thanks to John Morrison and the team for organizing this superb event. I hope we can do this annually and even more people will attend. We have more than 10 vendors and plenty of set up to listen to. There were 15 or so raffle prize items and Brent walked away with his new office rig, the Matrix HPA-2C. Tyll was his very cool self, visiting and talking to everyone at the meet. His keynote speech was very informative and entertaining. Will the new line of Beats with lighting connector really spell the end to analog headphones? Tyll also spent a few minute listening my KGSSHV Carbon and SR009...and walked away very impressed. The highlight of the meet for me was meeting Doug in person and listened to his new line of amplifiers. His Copenhagen amplifier both tube & SS were noting short of spectacular. It was so very musical with a performance really worth remembering. I'm afraid my bank account will soon take a serious hit because of it. The DSHA-2 was also there and should be his biggest seller once it is officially released. I'm looking forward to an in-home audition of these amps soon. Thanks again Doug...you and your setup were the highlight of the meet for me. I also had an equally wonderful time hanging out with Justin and Brent during and after the meet. We had a great meal at a local Brazilian Steak House and I recommended some wild spots for Justin and Brent to check out afterward. Justin sure was impressed with the ATL's local hotties and may consider to move his factory here. C'mon Justin...I need a new job! It goes without saying that I had a great time with Justin's new ride. That pretty red sport car was just damn nice to ride in. Thanks for allowing me and Matt to take it for a spin. Sorry for the quality of the pictures, I had a heavy loads and the Canon S100 is starting to fail me. Should have brought a better camera.
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    a step in the opposite direction ...
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    Deviled Egg Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    You might as well just throw up a beacon! But I'll take the high road this time.
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    Naaman and Brent's shared worst nightmare!
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    Well done jose. I was going to post these images in the builds thread but it’s missing in action. Thanks to Kevin and Birgir for being awesome. Thanks to Michael (mw168) for all the work you’ve put in with the group buys and documenting etc it’s been very helpful. A couple KGSSHV Carbon amps running 400V @ 20ma, GRLV supplies, SUMR transformers.
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    Happy birthday, Raffy! I hope some day you grow up into a real boy.
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    you might enjoy "No Substitution" with the same gentlemen, or "Last Nite" although 'only' Larry and his 335
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    Listening to the SS Dynalo and HD650 combo for the past few weeks, I certainly would not associate the term "veil" with the HD650. The friend that I built the SS Dynalo for texted me this morning and independently arrived at the same impression. What impresses me about the SS Dynalo is that it somehow manages to sound more revealing and warmer at the same time (compared to the already great original Dynalo). It also gives the HD650 bass extension I previously did not know was possible. I wonder how much can be attributed to Kevin's wonderful GoldenReference PS. Never heard the TH900. Only listened to the HD800 very briefly in an uncontrolled environment (2011 Annual DIY event at SF), its bright treble left me a scar that has not quite healed. Listened to Nelson Pass's "The Beast" driving his DIY Lowther at the same event. That's something very special!
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    LOL, I loved those guys when they made music like this In this album
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    Yeah, the servos really aren't needed from my experience as well - it is super stable from the get go and settles very quickly.
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    Went again, tonight. Even better -- they played a longer set, the music room to breathe...I am in heaven. I was giggling again with how good it was. Alas, Melissa and company were surrounded by admirers, so I think my profile wasn't as high as the previous day, when I pretty much had her undivided attention. Oh well. Still dig her. That said, I got to meet the rest of the band -- Courtney, lead singer, keyboardist, magician with reverb; Ben, lead guitarist -- quite the character, tried to be entertaining, enjoyed awkwardly failing. Example: when he signed my CD, he wrote "slipped on a dog", he said, "because that's funny", I said, "not to the dog", so he wrote, "the dog was fine". Couldn't stop giggling. ...also Gavin the drummer, Chris, and Vince.
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    Christened Julie's new sous vide with ancho chilli and tomato ground beef and chipotle pepper and tandoori/teriyaki marinated cubed chicken breast. Made corn tortillas at home as well. Tacos were all gone before I had a chance to take a picture or even have one. Either I misappropriated the meat allocation for the 7 people I was cooking for or they really liked it and wolfed it all down while I was making the tortillas for everyone. I hope it was the latter a great time was had by all. Now 4 chicken breasts (for a dried cranberry/walnut/grape/poppy seed/celery chicken salad), 2 chicken breasts (in a tandoori marinade) and a 3 lb brisket are taken a dip. Making brisket for the first time with beer (dogfish pale ale, suggestions for beer for future briskets welcome). Hope it doesn't taste too strong.
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    Thanks guys! As to the sound, I’ve had a fairly good listen now, I can confidently say It’s a good improvement in performance from the KGSSHV’s and BHSE I have on hand. I’ve always maintained the BHSE and KGSSHV were a similar calibre, with different signatures depending on your taste and music genre. Interestingly I find myself in the same scenario with the Carbon and the T2, I don’t prefer one over the other, both have slight contrasting differences. To be crude and simplistic, the Carbon has transparency and the T2 sweetness and tone, but both amps do everything exceptionally well. The Carbon is unquestionably the most stable amp in my arsenal, do we need servos on the next board runs?
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    Hanging out in and around Portland. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    That looks awesome. On our end yesterday, mistakes were made. This is the kitchen sink torta at a little tacqueria / tortaria that had the hottest table salsa I have ever had. We should have taken Kliban's advice:
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    my first meet in 2 years, i'm not sure i remember what to do. also, i'm still awake. oops..
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    I agree with John. Amazing front plate you have done, Kerry. Today I built a T2 servo on a small board. It’s now doing service on an original DYI T2 and seems to work OK. If it really works the layout will be implemented in a new version of DIY T2. Also give me opportunity to learn milling PCBs on a small CNC machine – indeed a funny toy. Did a small mistake - can you find error in below pictures?
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    Working on the face plate for the T2. I made the jacks and the boards and milled the face plate out of .5" stock. It's blind mounted from inside the chassis. I'm just about ready to wire this up. EDIT: I also need to add the hole for the POT. I've got a bit more milling to do on the face.
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    The concert was great, and if you're familiar with Buckethead, you know what to expect -- lots of beat-driven wanking, nunchucks, lots of wanking without beats, he handed out toys out of a big santa-sized bag at one point, some bass ganks...he's largely a Les Paul player, and he has his mostly white -- white body, white pickups, white headstock, white knobs except some... the pickup switch on the upper horn is red, and one of the knobs is red...it took me a minute to figure it out...