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Hot Doug's Closing Oct 2014


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If you come to Chicago Shelly either Bryan or Debbie and I could most likely put you up. Think about it. Lots to do here (Dreadnaught.....).

That does sound like a good plan. I'll have to look into the details. It maybe difficult to do because I wont be paying for the flight.

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I can never understand these kinds of things from a business perspective.  You're making money hand over fist.  Just have other people run the place for you, for fuck's sake.  It's not that hard.


I would think that if it was actually a highly profitable enterprise that he'd be able to find a buyer for the business.  My guess is that he's not making that much $$.  Given the short window of time that he's open the overhead might be killing him.  But I'm out of my league discussing stuff like this...

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