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16 minutes ago, naamanf said:

Nate - Amazing work. I’m slowly cutting my teeth on Fusion but so far really like it. 

I'm incredibly slow and inefficient at it which is frustrating given how well I know 2D CAD.  Still it was satisfying to design even a simple part and have it fit.  There's no way on earth I could have designed the actual dust extractor, or put differently I probably could have it would have just taken a year.  But all the required parts are printed now and the three main pieces of the body are permanently affixed.  I'll get one of my homer buckets setup as the first extraction vessel and hopefully make some wood chips next weekend.


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Tonight was a return to non-wood based making.  One of the other folks retiring this year (good lord, please make it stop) is one of our electrical engineering techs who's just a cool guy.  He's already retired once from being a full time electrician but has been with us for 5 or 6 years.  He sits outside my office so we talk quite a bit and I wanted to make sure that he had a unique way to remember the island when he left.  So I worked with our CADD department to isolate the AC electrical grid that runs underground on the island that Tom (the retiree) had to work with every day. I reverse engraved it on an acrylic sheet and also used the laser to cut it out before mounting it to a lighted LED base (it came as a kit).  Pretty simple project, should make a fun light to have around the house.


The worst part of it was polishing out all the fine scratches in the acrylic that were left by trying to remove the burn-off staining that was a result of the lasering.  I'm happy with the finished product and think he will be too.

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