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The "I'm Hungover Thread"

The Monkey

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Reporting for duty.

Picking up on milkpowder's recent thread (http://www.head-case.org/drink/got_wasted-t2796.0.html).

Saw a bunch of good friends last night. A great time. Went out to dinner, then on to a nice bar for a nightcap(s). There was wine, champagne. The martini to start the night was probably a bad idea. I'm a lightweight these days, so there is much pain this morning. And my 19 month old--while precious--does not understand "daddy has a headache."

Let the rehydration begin...

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me and my 4 friend drank a bottle of martell vsop and vodka.

in 4 hours. playing bluff with 1 deck.

that was some high level of bluff playing there (or we were pissed drunk).

i reached home and got to bed but i couldnt sleep somehow.

probably due to us mixing the vodka with gassy drinks.

i forced myself to puke and finally got to sleeping.

but...then again it was already 6.30am and it was time to go to work.

and here i am at bloody work. gonna be a full day for me.

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We celebrated my birthday yesterday in Los Olivos, CA. Started out by wine tasting at the Tre Anelli tasting room on an empty stomach. Then had dinner at Patrick's Side Street Cafe. My wife and I shared a bottle of 2002 Shoestring Sangiovese with dinner. I probably got 2/3's of the bottle. >:D

Then I had trouble sleeping and woke up with a slight hangover. It was worth it. I have to find out where I can buy more of the wine, but at retail this time. :P

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geez you guys are light weights. i drink 2/3rds of a bottle of 93 proof bourbon in about 2 hours, on saturday, and i didn't even feel the alcohol, let alone a hang over the next morning.

You probably just killed the "feel hangover" part of your brain! ::) Ah, now I understand. You're a young squirt. At my age, hangovers often last two days, so only having a slight hangover that quickly went away is pretty good for me. :(

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I'd rather be a lightweight. Cheaper to get drunk. Too bad I'm a big guy.

Ditto. I'm a shrimp but it still takes a lot to get me drunk. In fact, it usually takes more than my stomach can take, which is why alcohol really isn't the way to go to get a buzz over here. Too bad, I would much rather be a lightweight any day and enjoy it without suffering the consequences to the same degree.

The most hungover I've ever been had to have been right after one of my expeditions to Indonesia. I just came off a 4 week diving trip, doing transect monitoring and being generally in heaven, when me and a few friends decided to get smashed. We were in Makassar, the capital of Sulawesi - not exactly the ideal place for Westerners to run around unchaperoned.

Lesson #1: if you're 140lb, don't get into drinking contests with British rugby players.

I had about half a liter of vodka in me (in about 30 min) when we decided that we weren't partying hard enough and went to a club. It had western prices but did have a lot of local clientele, which should have tipped me off about what kind of a club it was and what kind of drinks they serve.

Lesson #2: if you order "the special" in a shady club in the middle of Asia, you're probably getting your drink spiked with something.

It came in a nice big glass, was blue, and tasted terrific. What I found out soon thereafter is that it was unmistakably spiked with GHB. Now, G is a date rape drug that combines very poorly with alcohol, in that it intensifies the effects of alcohol considerably. Together, the two have put people into comas and sometimes even six feet under. And, I had half a liter of vodka in me at the time...

I had no idea what I was looking at. I had no idea what I was hearing. I had no clue what the hell was going on. My vision receded to a field of view about a foot and a half in diameter. My balance and sense of up generally depended on what I was leaning on. I couldn't understand any spoken conversation in any language, and I was so gone anyway I doubt I would have understood getting shot in the face. But, thankfully I've been through this sort of thing, and not just once, so I kept my head. I found a secluded bathroom stall to retreat to and decided to let it all blow over.

Two hours of praying to the porcelain god and a cab trip back to the hotel, during which it took all of the acting skill I had to appear alert and sober, and I was in a familiar environment and could finally start to recover. No one tried to take advantage of me, though I did my best not looking completely fucking smashed, but to be honest they didn't have to, since I think I paid the cab about 10 times what the fare was worth... I didn't know how much it was and I still couldn't understand spoken conversation.

I felt like I died two thousand times that night. It sure was one hell of a party. The moral is: don't ever, ever go anywhere near G if you can help it. Don't ever put yourself into a position where you can lose your head in an environment where you're better off being alert and sober. And just because it's your last chance to party, doesn't make it a good idea. This turned out OK in the end, but it could have gone very, very wrong.

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yeah, it is definitely cheaper to get drunk. i have to consume massive amounts of alcohol to get drunk (two bottles of whiskey, generally). i can't physically get drunk on beer or wine, as i just become full before the effects hit. i guess it's a side effect of the 2 bottles of whisky, 4 bottles of wine, and 50-60 beers i drink a week, when i have money.

Damn, Reks, I'll keep a spot open for you where I work.

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A double birthday party during the day for my two (now) 5 year olds; 23 kids and 19 adults. Coupla beers with the grown ups. Then had my wife's two college friends with husbands and their 6 kids over for dinner and overnight. French martinis, wine, champagne at midnight. But I only had about four drinks the entire day/night. Up till 230am. Dogs and kids got us up around 730am. One family went home, we hung out watching TV all day with the other til just now. Crazy day, but great people, so had a good time. Watching the Rose Bowl in peace and quiet now. More hung over from activity and too many kids than from alcohol.

Happy New Year everyone!

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