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Before you get defensive, please understand that most of us are very fortunate to even be in a place where we can afford such luxuries. It is clear you complain yet brag about money enough that it genuinely offends people. We have people starving in this world and unemployment is insanely high, and many of us just don't care about your money issues or having to read about you saving every little penny for a headphone, when there are people out there who have to save every little penny just to feed their kids. That is partially also why Steve made that comment that you don't get it, because you don't, and there is a bigger world and picture and set of priorities outside of your gear lusts and acquisitions. And for Nate, who is 100% class, to get to his boiling point, really says a lot about your insensitivity regarding money and how it makes others feel.

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Turns out the damage was a bit more severe than a bad cable. They could still be repaired for less than the cost of a new pair, but not enough less that it seemed worth it. So new Etys are on the way.

That's because you're supposed to put them in your ears!

24/96 is fine with me since no one has ever convinced me that they can hear a difference between 16/44 and 24/anything.

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Well, it's a compact point and shoot, so it'ss not going to have the deep bass response of a full frame DSLR or large format digital back. The F/2 maximum aperture is full a stop larger than most point and shoots so the midbass and lower mids are going to have a lot more impact than other cameras of its size. Even wide open, the lens is quite sharp corner to corner, giving it excellent imaging and high frequency response. With such a tiny sensor, the S95 is not going to have the smooth high gain (ISO) of a tube driven beast like the Nikon D3s. The dual control dials make for easy adjustments, but the camera reacts quite a bit slower than a DSLR would. I didn't take measurements, but I suspect it's slew rate isn't very good.

I'm sorry, we don't give numerical scores here at KnuckleDragging Enterprises, but we rate the S95 a winner if you're not looking to pony up for the Fuji X100. Also, can I have a hit of whatever you're smoking? ;D

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Canon SX230HS for $199. I like mine a lot. S95/S100 are probably better overall image quality, but this is a damn good price and the zoom is fantastic.


On Friday Amazon had a 15 minute Black Friday 15 minute deal on the Canon SX230HS, so I bought it for $149 + 3.99 to upgrade to overnight shipping. Received it today, battery's charging. Glad to hear that you think it's a deal at $199.

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