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Group Build: Dynafet


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What's the parts count per board?

And it's one thing to populate a few boards, it's another thing entirely to build an amp soup to nuts. Even with a fully machined chassis it's no small feat with an amp of this complexity.

I understand. I can populate the boards and probably debug problems (with just a little help. :rolleyes:) I'd need lots of help when it comes to casing it up. However, if some of the casework is done, I might be able to muddle through it.

Of course, it really depends on what cost we are talking about. My question may be quite moot (to me).

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  • luvdunhill - 8 - 4
  • Asr - 0 - 4
  • Stretch - 0 - 4
  • looser101 - 4 -2
  • PFKMan23 - 0 - 4
  • Naamanf -? - 4

    As for the cases I think the Hi-Fi 2000 Pesante Dissipante is a good option. And it seems if you order 4 or more they don't charge shipping. Could also be an error in their software.

  • luvdunhill - 8 - 4
    Asr - 0 - 4
    Stretch - 0 - 4
    looser101 - 4 -2
    PFKMan23 - 0 - 4
    Naamanf -? - 4
    Icarium - 0 - 4
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Kevin's orginal design shows half the output devices.

Does leaving half the output devices unpopulated

change the sound quality of the amp if driving any normal headphone short of a K-1000 ?

If you happen to have a list of current requirements for all headphones minus a K-1000 I can try and answer that one for you ... otherwise, remember, there is no such thing as overkill in this hobby, especially in a Kevin Gilmore design :)

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I'd say let's get a quote for those cases.

Looks like for an order with over four units the price is $85 for the 2U 300mm and $100 for the 3U 300mm. For some reason shipping costs are not shown when I add more than three to the cart. If shipping isn't free I would say add about $50 to the price. That's with current exchange rates.

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