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Go figure


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Justin's Pico Slim gets leaked, and so Ray announces a direct competitor that's "in the works"...

News - Ray Samuels Audio

Last year I received a PM from a head-fier gbx2006 who sent this link Digital Volume Control and asked me if I would consider digital volume control to make the P-51 even thinner. I told him I was already working on it but with a control with higher quality and usability for audio than in the link, and it was called The Shadow.

If you think the Emmeline P-51, Mustang, is very, very small, think again. The new volume control allows me to not only make The Shadow even smaller but also improve performance and usability.


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I once had a Hornet, it made static noise when I turned the volume control, but Ray said it was normal behaviour. He finally solved the problem, no more volume control, yay!

Yeah that is normal behavior... for a pot that has DC on it. Not good.

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This amp will have the infamous "Postjack volume" setting?


yessir, and in conjunction with Nugget Audio we've created the world's first Attenuation Defeater, which finally makes any attempt at external volume control futile.

also: LOL at reks.

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I haven't given out details on what I am using yet. At best, he can be using the same thing that I am, because nothing better exists. I went with a rotary pot/knob interface for it, although anything could be used - rotary encoder, push buttons, toggle switch, thumb wheel...because I feel a lot of hand holding is going to be needed to get people comfortable with the words 'digital volume control'.

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