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Tyler, are the "solid" colors completely solid or are they just a bit transparent? I have seen differing reports.

Just a bit transparent. I can make out armatures inside the pieces with them in my hand, but you can't see anything inside them when they're in your ear (or, rather, someone else's ears)

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Date Ordered: Wednesday 25 November, 2009

Your order has been updated to the following status:

New status: In the lab


Sweet, I received shipping confirmation the day after I got the "in the lab" status so you should get yours soon. UPS Standard to Canada is surprisingly slow though, but if they don't screw up anything I should get my package tomorrow.

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Kelvin, where did you go to get your molds made?

heya! I got my molds made at Audiology Hearing Aids Bellevue, WA | Factoria Hearing Center

They were very nice and told me to come back if I had any problems with my molds. Plus they initially were going to charge me $150 for the molds, but ended up only charging me $75.

Let them know I sent you if you go and see if they can do the same $75 deal

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