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A little thought put into it, and you can build an amp with a 4-conductor mini jack

That was exactly my first thought. Why not just use a TRRS plug and jack? But then I was concerned about what would happen if someone tried to plug in regular phones, though......

that will go unbalanced when a 3-conductor headphone is plugged in. So no need for a 2nd jack.

...... if that can be done, its a great solution.

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Honestly I really don't mind if it's a little bit thicker, as long as it still sounds great.

Does it mean the battery will also be 50% less when going balanced?

And yeah, I agree with Beefy that a standard plug that can't rotate is a fail.

well basically, just replace the op-amp in the Pico Slim with one of those chips that has differential outputs. ta-da, balanced output. battery life could even be increased depending on the performance/current draw of that chip.

doing balanced input + output would require doing a bit more and probably would be around 50% battery life

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So you can't combine colors in the way I wanted (i.e., "smoke" a blue or red color). I think they were able to do this at UE, so it's a bit frustrating. I'm now thinking Muddy Water Blue with some very small artwork to indicate R/L because, despite the comments earlier, I don't find it extremely easy to tell which is which.

Hmm, I just got another idea from the remold thread on HF. Why dont you have whatever color you want for the molds and then just have the tips as different colors? I dont know if JHA could do this though.

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Perhaps someone should also point out to him that this isn't the first balanced portable amp ever made, he's roughly 12 years too late on this one. Cough... Stax SRS-001... cough...

Ohhh as for having a financial interest, his crap isn't selling, pure and simple. Just look at that stealth phono stage which is so low key that less then 500 people have viewed the thread. Comments like the magical properties of his magical wire (made by the lowest bidder to some spec invented by bureaucrats) and the moar awesome balanced amp supposed to boost sales. No doubt he's going to offer said connector for sale to others.

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The whole idea of balanced drive for IEMs is "meh" to me. Balanced drive should (I think) give 2x the noise floor of the amp which is bad news considering the issues most IEMs have with noise floors. Also doubles the output impedance which is likely again an issue with a lot of low impedance IEMs.

I guess you do still gain the distortion cancellation (if the source is balanced) and the slew rate gains (not sure what's to be gained in the case of IEMs).

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