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Audiophile Chairs


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The problem is, it's an interaction thing, so each chair is going to sound different in your room. You're just going to have to buy a few (not more than one or two at a time, presumably) and try them.

The most important part (besides comfort, of course) is the material combination closest to the head/ears. I would completely discount anything hard (like solid wood). Cloth materials and suede would be good, but they may make sounds boomier than they were originally. I would also seriously consider something with no or minimal head support.


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I like the Aeron and have one at home. I have a steel case at work and its pretty good too and in fact may be more comfortable.

The problem with the Steel Case for me is that the build quality doesnt feel nearly as durable as the Aeron. The Aeron feels like itll last me for life (And as I'm a heavy ass mofo ~245 pounds) even after ~3 years it feels as solid as the day I got it. My steel case which I've used for about as long at work feels only slightly better and more durable built than your average office chair and has definitely broken down a bit since I first received it.

I am looking at buying the new Herman Miller Embody chair which is their new top of the line office chair... it looks extremely comfortable and even more sturdy than the Aeron chair. I probably will audition it with my hindquarters when I am ready to buy.

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