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The Headcase Stax thread


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8 hours ago, padam said:

Will there be When there will be a HC group buy? :)

We have a no obligation, $0 down pre-order page up now :)


and for the SRM-D10 portable DAC/Amp


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8 hours ago, Whitigir said:

anyways, from whom perceptions were to said that 009 was imperfect and needed improvement ? In my opinion, this hobby is only weird because people has upgradatis....

From their (Stax) own perception. Mr. Sasaki said that they wanted to fix some problems of the 009, and then said something like “not exactly problems, but we wanted to improve it”. In several announcements they wrote that they wanted to do things they had left behind (pending issues) when the 009 was released.

Maybe Stax is suffering from upgraditis.

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5 hours ago, justin said:

Why is it 400$ more than with Woo Audio? (D10 is the same)

I see no reason to rush it and buy one now, unless the price can be even better than that.

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I will look into this but pricing hasn't been released yet. Those #s were just placeholders which is explained in the listing. 

All we know right now is the price will be a modest increase over the original SR-009, which has fallen in price 25% USD since release, mostly due to the exchange rates

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Btw, it is somewhat similar with Japanese sites where it is listed mostly at 497k yen but in a few other places it is 447k yen, that seems more in line with a modest increase over the SR-009 originals' 325k yen street price (why I can't just use the grammatically correct word SR-009s...silly naming) . And I don't believe that they will say "sorry, we found out it is 10% more", it may just be the rest getting a few extra markups on that. I saw it with the SR-L300 Limited as well, it was listed at a lower price (I guess underestimated demand) then it got raised back soon, but that's understandable, it is a limited edition after all.

I am also confused by the site with the original leaks (and then it suddenly got removed, then back again...), the price seems decent for being inside the EU, "normal" dealers will probably list it around 5000 Euros. But if it turns out to be legit, at least I might be able to use it as a shrewd negotiating tool with the local dealer... It would actually be the first 100$+ headphone that I wouldn't buy second-hand.


They say the UK price is going to hover around 4000 pounds.

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9 hours ago, justin said:

^^ test out the page, it's free :lol:

Awww...I didn't want to do any work!!  ;) 

9 hours ago, Hopstretch said:

What's going to be a fucking pain in the arse here, is plurals.

Like, Biggie do you still want the 009s I was going to sell you now that you'll have the 009Ss?


I have something special planned for those 009's so yeah, I still want them.  :)  Hint, I'll replace the diaphragms and retune them completely. 

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18 hours ago, Hopstretch said:

What's going to be a fucking pain in the arse here, is plurals.

It's easy. Let's stop pluralizing "headphones". Instead of saying "a pair of headphones", just say "headphone". As in, "I think the SR-009 is a slightly-bright headphone" and "Stax wants to make improvements with the SR-009S headphone". Same for the HD800 and HD800S.

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  • 2 weeks later...

A recent tour thru the STAX HQ posted on a Chinese website:


The text is Chinese, not Japanese Kanji. You can translate by copying and pasting the URL at either Google or Bing websites: 





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15 hours ago, nopants said:


spotted this on Ebay, class act

He's advertising KT77 adapters, aren't these a potential hazard in an EL34 spot? Or am I thinking of another tube

EL34, 6CA7 and KT77 all have the same functional pinout, so don’t know why adapters would be needed.

EL34s and small bottle 6CA7s are pentodes with suppressor G3 brought out on pin 1.

Big bottle 6CA7s and KT77s are beam power tubes. NOS and Russian reissue tubes are tetrodes and have the beam forming plates internally tied to the cathode. JJ 6CA7s and KT77s are beam power pentodes which the beam forming plates are brought out on pin 1 for external connection. Depending on the circuit these JJ tubes may cause problems if the beam forming plates are not connected to cathode potential. 

Justin at Headamp explicitly says NOT to use the KT77 in his BHSE amps. SO DON’T USE THEM IN HIS AMPS. 

I’m currently using a quad Gold Lion KT77s in my GG, and liking them a lot. The opto-servo in the GG might be the reason they work here (so far.....). Does not necessarily mean they will work as a EL34 replacement in all cases.

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