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Happy birthday, NightWoundsTime!


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Thanks all, it's a good birthday so far. Got pizza last night after work and came back to put down a lot of good beer with my friend Rob. Had a bottle of Cascade Apricot and a bottle of DFH Bitches Brew. Tested listening to the album while drinking the beverage. It wasn't a perfect match for me.

Breakfast today, followed by doughnuts. I'm exercising my right to be a pig.

Tonight: Janelle Monae in the outdoors at FSU, free concert. It will be good, no matter what Vicki thinks.

Happy F'ing Birthday! You coming to the Tampa Meet Gene is organizing?

Is that a nomination or a fact? Of course I'll be there. Make it September 25th for the fruit/sour beer tasting at Cigar City.

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