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USB input, all those different inputs. Digital volume control for line stage option. Fully balanced design. $299 WTF. It's worth it just for the functionality.

Honestly one wonders what they could have actually put in there for the price. I mean don't get me wrong, I love a bargain, but stuff isn't free and economies of scale and China only go so far.

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Two transformers and a pretty interesting discrete output stage. Unbelievable at the price..Reserved one!

"The DAC used in the XDA is the AD1955 which is the same DAC as used in the ERC-1, But the real magic is in the analog drive stage after the DAC. In the ERC it has a single stage drive where the XDA uses a Dual Differential input stage with cross linked current sources, Darlington VAS stage and Darlington output stages. The discrete output stage can easily produce in excess of 2 amps of current and swing in excess of 12v. So it will completely take all cables out of the equation."

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i've been following the thread over at their forums for a while.

there's some info and a internal pic of a prototype here.

Hmm...in the picture it sure looks like I/V is done via a dual opamp but maybe I'm looking at it wrong. I was kind of wondering about the discrete I/V since even at a cursory glance with that many devices I'd have guessed it'd be an opamp topo and for $299 I'd have been surprised about the 0.001% THD spec on that.

Edit: heh, nice catch Pars. That's what I get for not checking the second page of the thread first.

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