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And now what did you do TODAY?


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I had another Doctor's appointment Friday. Mostly to go over my blood pressure readings and to evaluate my machine against the Dr's. machine. After checking my home machine against theirs, it seems it's functioning just fine. My blood pressure log has been averaging about 155/90. Way better than before I went on medication, but still not where we want it to be. My Dr. has decided to add a beta blocker to my current meds, but only to be taken if my BP is above 130/80.

One thing the nurses did was to check how I'm taking my BP, and it seems I wasn't doing it just right. It was determined that I should be resting my arm at a level even with my heart. And maybe even more importantly, I was taking my morning BP first thing after waking. They told me to wait an hour after taking my meds before taking my BP reading.

Well, after making these two changes, my last 3 BP readings are as follows...

124/71, 127/74 & 129/61.

All within my 130/80 goal. Now it's early on in this new routine, but it sure is making me feel good about achieving this BP goal. 

My Dad had Hypertension, to the point where he was often bright Red in the face. He had Congestive Heart disease, diabetes and probably some other issues. Also he was a lifetime smoker. So my own health has always been a question for me. With my A1C below 7, my blood sugar testing well, the diabetes is under control. My cholesterol is normal. I have an appointment for an EKG in two weeks. If the EKG shows no worrisome issues, then I'll be feeling really good about all of this. I'm also down 30 lbs. from when I first discovered my health issues a few years ago.

Assuming that this coming 61st. birthday is not spent puking in the toilet all day, due to Vertigo, my 60's are not looking as gloomy as I worried they might be. It's a crap shoot, as my Father's family all died pretty young (mostly in their 50's and 60's). But my Mother's side have lifespans like golopagos tortoises. 

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Hypertension runs in my family.  Wonderful that we can control it with meds when diet and exerculise are not enough.  If you haven’t checked out the Dash diet please do.  Developed by the NIH specifically to lower blood pressure. 

BTW the 60s are not bad.  The decade was pretty cool too 

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21 hours ago, Grahame said:

Did you burn an OG mix CD to celebrate?

13 hours ago, Voltron said:

I think I remember when you bought that car...

Yep, though inherent would be closer to bought. Mel's sister gave it to us as she left the country to convert souls to white Jesus. And of course ROI sucks for any other choice when you're comparing to free. Especially during rarely used pandemic times and Mel's Mini is just more fun to buzz around in. #firstworldproblems

Grahame, there's actually a children's CD stuck in there, that condenses (shockingly well) the first three Star Wars films down to a softer ~35 minutes using voice actors, half of which seem to have never heard the original actors. The accompanying book is long gone ([ding] "turn the page"], but we switch on every few months, usually at night, for a semi-exciting adventure and laugh. Far worse things to get stuck in a CD player. #firstworldproblems


L1030415-DNG_DxO_DeepPRIME 1 2.jpg

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How to determine that your quality control division may not be up to par.

We ordered these windows over 4 months ago, only to be told of delay after delay. Yesterday morning  we got the call that the installers would be there within an hour. 1 hours notice is not sufficient, but we scrambled and got all the temp framing and plywood removed and the area cleared out to give them ample working space. When I left at 3:00 they were still nowhere to be seen, and had not replied to calls or texts.

This morning when I arrived, this is what I found.



Be assured that not 1, not 2, but 3 of the companies own men came out to measure when these were ordered.

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On 2/18/2022 at 12:24 PM, swt61 said:

Today's project.



The hardest thing about today's project is not singing "Under the Boardwalk" the whole time I'm building it.

I just realized that by looking at the pic it seems I'm simply laying sticks on the sand. What you're not really able to see is the pressure treated 2 x 4 structure that is buried flush to the surface, and further anchored with stakes. It's basically the same color as the sand and covered in a thin film of sand. The Redwood 2 x 2 slats are screwed to this under structure with 2 1/2" stainless trim screws. $250 worth of stainless trim screws in fact.

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Visited some friends in the fine city of Gloucester (GLOAHstuh).  It's a wonderful fishing port that's being (not so) slowly gentrified to the moon.  While there I picked up a shiny new MacBook Pro (yay!), a new iPhone (double yay, my old one was nearly dead), got my vacc booster, and got a bottle of Georgian (as in the country) catsup as a gift.  Weirdly, getting my vax boster shot proved to be a PITA.  The first THREE places I called said "yeah, we don't do that anymore."  As best I can figure, most of the country is already boosted and the remaining population mostly consists of pants-on-head retard anti-vaxxers "the vaccine-hesitant."  ADD fucks who are a day late and a dollar short but not Flat Earth Society antivax like myself are a rare breed.  In any case, I got my jab and my arm hurts like hell.


Also I have a really gross story of becoming very sick to my stomach and vomiting up psyllium powder.  That was one of the worst experiences of my life.  Imagine discharging orange tasting gravel via reverse peristalsis.  Would not recommend.


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