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Replies seem to take inordinately long.

so i did not have the floating number, then went into messenger, then

all of a sudden the floating number appeared...

not sure what happened.

Not sure what you are talking about -- what do you need floating point arithmetic for, isn't integer arithmetic good enough around here? :\


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I get this error when trying to modify my profile: "[#1026] You are not permitted to modify all or some of your profile information." Will this be fixed soon?

Like the new software, looks cool. How come Head-Fi couldn't use IPBoard instead of that terrible Huddler? :mikey2:

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Hmm, there weren't any errors when migrating over PM's. Btw e-mailing functions aren't working right now.

In fact, it seems that some private messages were recovered.

Besides some difficulties to identify the watched content (mainly "watched topics" or prior "subscribed threads"), everything seems better.

Thank you.

p.s.: is there a way to download/archive a txt from all the messages in "my conversations" folder?

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Is there any way to maintain the previous "New Post" functionality? Before it would post the most recent unread, going back 100 or so posts. Now it will only post since my last visit, which makes keeping up with things more difficult. If I don't get a chance to read everything, I won't see unread items from a previous visit.

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