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Hey Head-Case, what's your bandwidth like?


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45 minutes ago, luvdunhill said:

32 ms in that example which is the lower limit of what they advertise… I also have a WISP (Rise) and that’s much lower.. about half that amount.

I get around 500 mbps with AT&T in Austin City Limits and about the same with Spectrum. 

Quite impressive. I was using the free satellite wifi on a delta flight yesterday and the speeds were similar but ping in the 150s.

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We pay waaaaaay to much for XFinity wideband and cable, but it's reliable and if I'm indoors the speeds are pretty darned good (near the router it was 639Mbpd download and 41 upload).  

Our bigger challenge right now is my dated Orbi mesh system is getting glitchy.  I was looking at replacing it and they are quite proud of them, but Costco is putting them up for sale.  With my current setup I had to go and find a refurbished satellite so I could have one in the garage for a total of four around the house.

I'm not sure if this is the correct thread, but any recommendations on a mesh system?  Looking at 6 not 6E as I feel the E is too early yet.  I do not mind paying for quality signal coverage / speed.

Thanks in advance.


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my orbi is getting glitchy too.  replacement is $1500. likes to drop the dns once a week.

i'm getting 1194 download and 24 upload.

if i get the newest orbi, i can get up to about 1600 download with top xfinity tier.

i don't need that yet, and then i would have to upgrade every switch in the house to 2gb or faster, and those are expensive too.

also looks like i'm going to get a atsc 3.0 tuner very soon. there is a chicago station now that is broadcasting 4k cartoons. 3 stooges in 4k is da bomb.

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1.2 Gbps down , overprovisioned to 1.4Gbps. looks about right. 2.5Gbps  ports on Cable modem, WAN/LAN ports on router, switch and PC over Cat6 will do that.

No Mid split here, yet, so still only 40Mbs up 😠


Still waiting for uncapped sonic.net fiber to get here. 😞



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that is a lot of bits. 

It made me curious how my Musknet was doing. 


About as expected -- 

okay fast - when it is up. I have super calm weather this morning., so it can see most of the satellites. 

Putting it on top of a 33' pole has helped a bit.  but still have to deal with the on/off switch of it all. 


Streaming will always be an issue. When I really need to have a stable (mostly stable) connection, I switch over to my phone's hotspot that I have a cell booster (on the same pole as the Stardish) for. It may only give me about 15Mbps, (and only LTE)  but the bits are always there. Enough for a zoom or an Andy Sidaris movie when you don't want a drop out. 

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