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The acrylic cases are, unfortunately, just not strong enough. I wish they were as it would give me an excuse to buy a laser cutter, but I just don't see it as a workable option. I looked into doing glass panels as I know the preference for see-through things, but it was going to be cost prohibitive to get done. If anyone else knows something about getting glass parts made, I am all ears.



"Hello, China?"

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For those who have been waiting patiently, the next set of amplifiers is very close to being ready. Here are a few pics of the final Black Diamond proto. You'll just have to imagine the wood sides -- my wood worker says we should have the initial set done by April 5.







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I've never been good at reviewing gear and, frankly, would never get around to it with so many unfinished personal projects I have going on. Anyhow, if someone will get a Black Diamond for testing/review purposes, I can loan a Joe Grado HP1/2 and a pink-driver RS1 for review as I am interested to hear opinions on synergy with Grado.


Within the 48 contiguous states, of course.

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A fine piece of kit Doug! Would it be possible to have a timber top panel as well as the sides? I think that would look pretty stately. :D


It would be possible. For it to be thin enough to not have a lip, it would not have enough strength, so it would have a small lip. And it probably still wouldn't be strong enough.

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First orders should ship on Tuesday. Some pics from the production process ...




Wood sides curing on the shop floor.





Some front panels just out of the laser engraver (and not yet cleaned)





A batch of populated boards just out of the solder oven.





A fully populated board undergoing its first tests.


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