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If someone is interested in taking the DSHA-1 for a spin for the purposes of writing a short review somewhere, I am happy to oblige. There are lots of places to do a writeup.

Also, there is a new blog post for the first half of the Black Diamond headphone amp -- a project I am working on at http://diy.ecpaudio.com

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The new Black Diamond prototype looks great, Doug.  Still, you know how much I like being able to see into my DSHA-1 prototype.  You do such gorgeous design and layout.  Other people here also seem to like looking in.  I can't help but wonder if you could do a product in wood and metal, but with a transparent top (and maybe bottom too) so that the innards would be on display?


Edit:  Also, I can't wait to listen to this iteration of the Black Diamond.  I really liked the sound of the first prototype.

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The acrylic cases are, unfortunately, just not strong enough. I wish they were as it would give me an excuse to buy a laser cutter, but I just don't see it as a workable option. I looked into doing glass panels as I know the preference for see-through things, but it was going to be cost prohibitive to get done. If anyone else knows something about getting glass parts made, I am all ears.

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