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Obviously, given how much I liked your previous generation of amps I am a fan of this one from an aesthetic point of view.  One thing - what's the story with the Neutrik combo jack?  I can't quite tell but it appears to have the typical 3-pin layout so I'm left confused by its presence.

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Sorry for the confusion. It's just a TRS jack -- the 3-pin portion is not connected.

I used it because a) TRS jacks are all ugly, and this was the least ugly to my eye, B) it will fit the same front panel as a 4-pin jack just in case someone were to work on another amplifier that was balanced but which had a similar profile and could fit into a similar case.

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knobs need to be 2 inches or more thick.

reason is I have to have something to grab onto reliably to

put the insert in. once the insert is in, I can bring it down to

about .8 inch deep. machining into the insides of an expensive

2 inch collet chuck might get someone really pissed at me if

I make a mistake.


I have enough now for about 20 ebony knobs. but none

are absolutely black like the few I had made previously.


will be getting enough wood to make doug a pair of panels



need to find someone that has been sitting on a piece of

pure black ebony for 30 or 40 years.

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