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    Lobster Deviled Egg, Wagyu Beef Tartare and a Bison burger
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    Was a guest of Google Usual catering, dedicated Barista's etc. I won't say Googlers are pampered, but(t) ... Ambient temperature seats are So lo-tech.
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    I think the people in the office will be glad to know that I even have one, much less one worth stealing.
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    5 year old playing Bach: https://www.facebook.com/ClassicFM/videos/270728063763017/
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    Sometimes I am such a sheeple. I hope I don’t regret the Old Forester, never been much of a fan of previous incarnations. I am a fan of the proofs.
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    I just invited CGAW to Thanksgiving.
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    If she accepts your invitation for Thanksgiving dinner shes just there to steal your soul. Just sayin'
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    Did you ask her to wear purple, too? To, you know, ALMOST match the cranberry sauce?
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    In other news, the Monolith Electrostatics from Monoprice are now available and a set is already on its way to Kevin for a full dissection. While we wait, we finally have some specs: Now I have some doubts about some of this, the capacitance is probably just the drivers and not the cable included as it is really low. Now the cable is pretty short but still, 60pf is not probable. The drivers are also quite small so comparable to the old Stax designs (SR-5 etc.) which are about 120pf so yeah...half of that is not probable. Now the only thing that makes me pause is the amp...let's look at the specs: For first off, no volume control so one wonders what is going on in that small box. It has a battery which powers something for some 5 hours but why no volume control? It is just odd... Now to further add to the mix, I found this on ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/223221739939?ul_noapp=true Now here they are for a lot more money with no markings at all. I looked at what other items the seller has and it is a lot of monoprice stuff for a lot more money. Very odd...
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    Electrostatic headphones and speakers have the least distortion when they have a constant charge on the diaphragm. This was established at least as far back as PJ Walker who designed the original Quad electrostatic speaker. The "rationale" for having a "large" capacitor in the bias supply, e.g. 1 uf or more, is to smooth out any residual AC so the diaphragm charge and voltage remain constant. However, once the diaphragm is charged, the amount of current needed to maintain the charge is minuscule, so that in fact even a "small" capacitor (Stax uses 0.1 uf) is more than sufficient. This is illustrated by the fact that if you use an old Stax converter box, which contains a step-up transformer and bias supply but no active electronics, charge up the headphones and then disconnect the bias supply from AC, the headphones will continue to play for some time. The large value safety resistor used by Stax (about 5 megohms) between the last bias capacitor and the diaphragm ensure that any current traveling to the diaphragm is very low so the diaphragm cannot get zapped. Companies like iFi and Woo that don't follow these design parameters either don't understand or ignore these facts. iFi Audio's use of a high voltage battery to "power" the bias supply is, IMHO, an expensive solution in search of a non-existent problem.
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    Growing up in Chicago it's some of the little things that are much more fun about Nevada. After a 30 cruise through the mountains stopping on main Street Virginia city for some BBQ, parallel parked across from the sheriff office. Also it may look like its just me but there were quite a few other side by sides parked at various places. SxS plus dirt bikes and atvs make up a surprising amount of the traffic in VC. And open carry. It's a different world.
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    I finally broke down and put my "temporary" acrylic front plate on my carbon build... I finished the boards almost 9 months ago and have been waiting for access to a cnc or mill to make the front and back plates. After waiting for so long, I finally bolted the acrylic plates that I had originally made just to size and verify the positions of the components... The amp sounds pretty darn awesome, even with the uncased DIY drivers I had made... Loud enough at 12 O'Clock position to fill a small room with very transparent, noise-free music... Definitely enough to blow out what's left of my eardrums. It'll probably be a while before I can get the permanent, aluminum front and back panels made.
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    The girl in the right side got a sloppy face job. Or had low budget. Somehow her character is a muppet too.
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    There was just under two inches of separation tonight when I got home from work, gave it a good shake.. (and fuck you matt, you are still missed)
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    Champagne is in order, no pressure or anything.
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    A classic álbum (Vinyl re-edition ) with my Square Wave and HD800:
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    Ran a test after taking one amp back to its original config (402R, LTST-C170CKT and 255R bias resistors). I placed an ammeter in place of the fuse, and ran it for 30 minutes when it was no longer increasing. It showed a max of 245mA AC (is that RMS?). I checked the bias on this one and it was right around 15mA (300-315mV). I then installed the heatsinks and did the same test. Current draw had dropped to 235mA at a stable condition. So my theory: having the heatsinks on seems to reduce the transistor temperature a bit, resulting in lower current draw (a bit). For these two tests I was not able to have the top in place but did set it there as best I could.
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    Egad, did you post that ironically? I got about 18 seconds in before I said, 'goodbye'. I usually enjoy what you post, but this was just too commercial for me. Did I post this already? I thought I did. I love the laid back sensual groove, and the video fits it perfectly, and the women certainly aren't difficult to watch:
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    Thanks for recipe Al. I have been meaning to make some and hope to get some time to do it this weekend. Also, I had some of Al’s year+ aged Mattnog and it was delicious!!!
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    Puwhaaaha! Turns out BevMo has Lava 16 LISTED at ridiculous $99.99 but has it on sale for $62.99 currently. Used the $10 BevMo coupon to buy 2 bottles. Lava 16 is exactly what I've wanted, peat and smoke with complexity and sweetness. Also feels higher in alcohol content than stated 43% 🤔 This Scotch/Bourbon thing could erode into my audio budget... I'm afraid to go deeper and $$$. BTW, what's the feeling on adding few drops of water to Scotch? I do it successfully mostly to high proof bourbons, 115-120 proof at least, but Scotch starts out lower in proof anyway..
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    We'll have a prototype of the new GS-X mini at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest next month!
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    Woke up to the news this morning and a gazillion text messages looking for assurances that my middle son had not chosen to go there last night. Borderline is a nice low key place where my daughter and her friends used to go on college night to do line dancing. Up until last evening it was considered a safe place for young people to socialize, the names of the victims will be released shortly. They will be transporting the sheriff deputy's body in a few minutes so the streets are lined with sheriff department SUVs and fire department trucks flying the american flag. Very sad and surreal...
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    RIP Alexander Hyland, 25, Elementary school teacher, Tacoma, WA. My buddy Alex died yesterday. He had a brain tumor and after multiple surgeries and treatments, just couldn't beat it. One of the last things he said to me was "I'm Scared." He was one of the most interesting people I've met, even though I've known him but a short time. I met him through Mensa when I first went to a Mensa of Western Washington event. His mother (our prez) introduced us, and we hit it off immediately. A formidable foe in a match of wits, and on more than one occasion he wore a shirt that said "I had brain surgery; what's your excuse?" He wore this while wearing gauze on his head covering electrodes tied to basically an industrial strength TENS unit mated to his head, in a bag he carried around. At the end, his mother wouldn't let anyone but close family in to the hospital to see him, even though he had many friends who wanted to be there. It feels like he died alone, even though we were just outside the proverbial door. We had some good conversations in the weeks leading up to his passing, but this one hurts. He was my favorite person of the new people I've met here, and I've lost too many fucking people lately. We planned on having a drink together, but with his meds when we met, we couldn't. By the time we could, it was too late. Alex, tonight, for you, I'll bring out the biggest gun I have -- usually saved for celebrations, but today, in memoriam.