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    Over the weekend I met up with friends and had my first meal at a restaurant (outdoors) and hung out with those friends and others (also outdoors, on someone's roof deck) for the first time since March. That felt really, really good. I hope this virus continues to fuck off and we can keep making progress in getting life back on track.
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    Here's a pic of your ancestors. Bump.
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    So when I got my case I got pretty upset with the looks of the power switch: So I search around the house for what could be used to improve this and found and unused aluminum kitchen drawer handle. Nice looks, hollow and easy to cut. A couple of minutes later:
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    Not grilling, but cold smoking... 😎 made a zero cost cold smoker with Epson workforce pro ! ... ;} So, my very very old Smoky Joe with a coil burner stolen from an old electric oven wired for 120v {aaa, I just soldered a plug on it} a chunk of drier hose {drier didn't need that much anyway}, built a rack inside box from scrap wood. Cut a hole. Done. Smoked for 20 min on a small charge. 88 degrees in box. Will test it out for real with hickory and smoking rye grains.
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    Nothing so dramatic. Local dealer offered 10% off plus a free cover so I bit the bullet. Am having a few issues getting Wifi setup but I think it's part user error and part signal strength so I'm hopeful I can get it sorted tomorrow. Ran out of time to fiddle today but did get it seasoned so it's ready to reuse regardless.
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    We adopted a dog! Her name is Olive 🥰
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    Nothing like vintage porn.
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    Run the Jewels - Run the Jewels Holy shit, where has this been all my life?
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    This one's for (recent) residents of the Pacific NW. I'm assuming that some of this info would be included in a decent education on local geo-history (right?). For me, I just dig volcanos!
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    This stuff happened in my hometown, Riga! The depths of hell opened up to swallow a bimmer.
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    Serious suggestion - you should have the two white guys building company build an outdoor kitchen with integrated gas grill, flat cooktop, and stuff like storage drawers, etc. I mean having some cart-based solution seems rather plebeian at this stage, no?
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    Uncle Doug YouTube channel. If you like electric guitar amps, cats, hot rods or drones, you'll probably like this channel. https://www.youtube.com/user/Stratosaurus1
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    The lint adds to the flavor.
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    yasss. Sonja and I have been long fans (since we moved up here) of Nick. He is currently doing 5 livestreams a week on his channel -- https://www.youtube.com/user/GeologyNick/videos got up and watched this livestream this morning.
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    Best workout, run, biking music in existence. BTW, RTJ4 just came out and 1-4 are all good. IMO 2 is the best. Enjoy.
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    Did it fall off a truck into your garage? 😜
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    I decided on 3M DP100 epoxy.
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    Speaking of super fun series, one of the pluses of HBO becoming HBOMax is the Warner/TBS tie in, so Search Party seasons one and two are widely available before season three hits in a few weeks (season four already deep in production). Been drinking in season two around work this week.
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    Rick & Morty, 4th season.
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    Mostly today, with a little work yesterday, I built Claire a ballet barre for sheltered in place Zoom classes from the SF Ballet and her longstanding barre exercise place, The Daily Method.
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    My strange obsession with live, improvised modular jungle persists. This was 100% modular, recorded straight from the rack, one take, so please excuse it being a little.. ruff 😎
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    From some Meowzaki film, I presume:
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    Ahhh saw the batteries. I bet that is the noise you are hearing, throw some Xicon's in there and it should work just fine. Low noise maybe but not Carbon levels of utter dead silence. Just can't be done with that T2 circuit.
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    Since this has been discussed a lot lately, which Mk1 is also quite important as they got progressively worse over the years. They kept simplifying the assembly, the design and the materials used. So the first sets sound the best to me and my personal set is a early 712xx but fitted with drivers from 7002x. There was a major change to the design sometime around the 71xxx mark (ca. year 2000/2001) with new materials, new drivers and a bunch of small changes but they weren't as good. With the SZ1 things got worse and the 007BL is by far the worst of the lot. Not sure why though but the Euro distributors all complained about QC issues and the sound being inconsistent. The truly odd bit is that some of the later sets sound as good as the early 71xxx units but some sound not all that good. Very odd...
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    Which 007? Never heard the Omegas, but have the O2 MK I and the 009. Prefer the 009 by a narrow margin - Head: 009, Heart 007.
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    RIP, Ed Bradley, 65, from 60 Minutes. Good man and outstanding journalist. Freaking cancer again. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/60-minutes-ed-bradley-dead-at-65/?fbclid=IwAR0oWFSq6PhPPAfCGCKBHrJhNsE8qxyOyyTFePFURtqg0J4WuGMS-NE85bk
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