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RIP someone or another


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1 hour ago, swt61 said:

Oh damn, that's right. My senility is starting already.

Don't feel bad. They originally each auditioned for the others role. 

I keed. Thankfully someone just uploaded the drunk reflex test. For those younger members this is how television used to look like. 


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53 minutes ago, mikeymad said:

My very first set of cans were Koss. Granted they were branded as Realistic (i.e. Radio Shack), but they didn't even cover up the Koss logo.

RIP Mr. Koss.

a younger me (self portrait) with my Koss headphones over my left shoulder on a foam wig head (yeah I was cool)


So that’s where Galifianakis got the Between Two Ferns idea 

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I had no idea that Koss was still alive, but RIP John Koss.

My first pair of headphones were a new pair of PRO4AA that I bought new in 1974. Long gone.

To remind myself what an uncomfortable thing they were I bought a pair maybe three years ago. Removed the tar like decomposed foam in the cups and replaced it. Took off the rock hard and empty fluid cups, and replaced them. Still bloody uncomfortable! Like a head clamp. And oddly, not that good in terms of sound quality in hindsight.

Second headphones I bought were not very old second hand ESP6's. And that got me into electrostatic phones. Amazing things as compared with anything I'd heard before. Long gone. But I (again recently) bought a pair of ESP9 - again a bit of nostalgia. Needed the fluid seals replacing. Again sounds superb. The energizer is a horror story though - a spaghetti of wiring and completely unserviceable.

And those electrostatic phones were what ultimately got me into Stax.

So again, RIP. What a company he founded!

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My first pair of Koss headphones were probably their least expensive earbuds, to replace my broken Panasonic cassette walkman's stock pair (which were decent). A succession of similar Koss headphones followed. My last pair (still working fine!) is the Koss SportaPro, purchased in the early 2000s.

Great headphones, great company (I think they had some kind of internal scandal some years ago).

RIP, John Koss.

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On 2/6/2022 at 12:42 AM, dsavitsk said:

Hadn't thought about him in a while, but Dobie Gillis did pop into my head in the past year or two. Didn't expect he was still around, but rermember watching that on Nick-At-Nite for a long time in my youth. RIP.

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RIP to a random person: Krysten Gentile.

Krysten died a few days ago, at age 40, of stage 4 metastatic breast cancer.  She worked at the same company as my wife Karen; I was able to meet her once when she and Karen had a Zoom call with each other.  I poked in and had a brief but very pleasant chat; Krysten's persona - so bright and beautiful - shown through even in that brief moment.

A truly beautiful and amazing woman, she fought hard, and was public in her fight and in positive thinking to help others.  She created a web site & podcasts with another Philadelphia-area woman with stage 4, "Making The Breast Of It."  She touched Karen's life, and even a tiny bit of mine.

Obituary: Krysten M. Gentile (nolanfidale.com)

And....FUCK cancer!

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