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RIP someone or another


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On 2/9/2022 at 12:16 AM, Knuckledragger said:

Ridley Scott is from my neck of the woods in the North East of England. The beginning of Blade Runner, with the gouts of flame harks back to his walk to school and back in the Winter in the dark. That passed close to the major chemical plants at that time, and they periodically burnt of waste gases in a gout of flame.

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Yikes.  I just heard that one of my mum's oldest friends (named Susan, like half the women from her generation are) died of Covid.  Her husband was very sick with it, but has survived so far.  Neither were vaccinated.  Robert, the husband, was a Vineyard native.  He was a good friend of my father's growing up.  He was an odd character for his entire life, but very mechanically inclined.  He fixed everything from 2 cycle lawn mowers to large yacht engines.  Over the last ...35ish years, he withdrew into right wing media, mostly via AM radio.  In a less divided time than our current one (that post-9/11 idyll known as 2005) he confided to my mother that his only source of news was "right wing radio."

I hadn't seen either of them in over a decade.  Certainly not in the Trump or "post" (MFer ain't exactly gone) Trump era.  At no point going back to the 1980s did I ever discuss politics with Robert.  I strongly suspect he was hugely anti-vax and therefore Susan had to be as well.  This marks the first time that someone I've known personally (and for my entire life, I might add) has died to covid due to their anti-vax stance.

I'm gonna be "Knuckles at the end of his radio show" real here for a second: I can be friends with people with whom I have massive disagreements.  We can have irreconcilable differences on tax or military policy, gay rights, what the fuck ever.  As long as I don't have to hear about it, we're good.  I'd like to ammend one my precvious statements:" This anti-vax bullshit isn't "pants-on-head" retarded.  It's beyond that.  It's "what are pants?"  Water boils at 212 degrees Freedom and 100 degrees Communist.  Reality is what remains when you stop believing in it.  Get fucking vaccinated, you are a danger to yourself and others.  When did we collectively lose 2/3 of our IQ points?  Good fucking LORD.

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Sorry to hear about the loss of a family friend, Dan.

Your closing paragraph is pretty much spot on, in my opinion.  My fear/concern/not-sure-what-to-call-it is that I don’t know what it takes to just get people back to being reasonable?  Maybe they were never reasonable but I didn’t see it because there was not single dividing line like Trump and COVID both have been?  At this point I’m ready for half of America to try to convince me that the Ukraine just invaded Russia.

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On 2/22/2022 at 7:08 PM, emelius said:


R.I.P. Gary Brooker (Procol Harum) age 76...

R.I.P. Gary Brooker


Joanne and I saw him, in the late 80's, when he was musical director of a Black Tie Rock Charity Gig held by the lake on the Wintershall Estate in Deepest Surrey. He fronted "The Gary Brooker All Stars", a loose arrangement  of local rock celebs. The lineup from memory included Gary Brooker, Eric Clapton, Phill Collins, Mike Rutherford,  Andy Fairweather Low,  Howard Jones, plus Sam Brown on vocals.  

The Charterhouse Jazz Band played as well, But we heard about it via The Hamsters,  who were the opening band, and took a lot of the audience by surprise.  

"The Wintershall charity black-tie picnic concerts famously attract an all-star line-up and have raised several million pounds
so far for charity but they are a rare treat; the last one was staged in 2011 when the Hutley Family once again
opened the grounds of their home on the Wintershall Estate to an invitation only audience.
Gary Brooker was the musical director of the prestigious charity black-tie picnic concert in 2011 as he did for five
similar events in 1988, 1989, 1998, 2001 and 2005. Rock royalty once again took to the stage to cast their magic;
Eric Clapton, Roger Taylor, Lulu, Kenney Jones, Jeff Beck and Ronnie Wood were among the stars to join the Band du Lac
as they were jokingly called in 1989 because of the stage's location at the foot of the lake"

These days it seems they'll let anyone in ....




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RIP to another aunt of mine, Iva (lower left) passed away peacefully Friday after a long life that was hampered with dementia towards the end.  The pic below is of my father's family.  4 blood siblings, and Iva who married Joe (lower right).

My dad (top center) and my Aunt Goldie (top right) are the only remaining siblings still alive.  Time passes, and new life is born, but it also means the slow but sure end of a generation....and a lifetime of precious memories remains.....



EDIT: just watched the funeral, it was streamed from the gravesite.  Two of her 3 children, my cousins, were talking and one held up a self-portrait Iva did when she was 13 years old.  Incredible....art was a big part of her life (she taught art for many years, and I remember some paintings and sculptures in their home of hers).


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