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I think Bob was funnier than he often got credit for because a lot of his work was on the softer side of things.  In the end what is most terrible to me (so far anyway) is him passing unexpectedly at 65.  My comment to my wife was that I’m closer to that age than I am 21 and 21 doesn’t feel all that long ago.

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Meat! RIP!

I first learned of Meat while watching Fight Club. I thought it was hilarious that someone would call themselves such a stupid/hilarious name. The fact that he played "Bob" made it even more funny.

Later I'd find Bat Out of Hell, Rocky Horror, and his other works. I love him as a performer. Listening to his stuff is one of my favorite guilty pleasures. Everything he does is always over-the-top-as-hell and that makes me happy.

Glad he'll be reunited with Jim Steinman in the thereafter so that they can keep on suing each other and making music.

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RIP!  He was certainly larger than life!  I like the fact that some of my friends are remembering him via Rocky Horror pics and memories, even though songs like Paradise By The Dashboard Light were pretty much anthems for part of their youth.


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Two times too early to go!

Meat Loaf again?! I yelled that out RHPS midnight shows many a time. Never really got into his music but they were fun every once in a while, and like as Todd said were huge in my youth. 

And Louie was only ten years older than me! Glad that Baskets was one of his last shows because he was genius in that role. 

RIP Louie and Meat

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