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Todd the Vinyl Junkie just announced a loaner program for this over at HF and I'm happy to be the first on the list.

I'm very much looking forward to listening to the first Pass Labs product dedicated to headphones. I've got the Dynalo mk2 and Crack 2 in house to compare with and I'll be bringing the amp with me to the January 30 HF meet in San Jose if anyone else in the Bay Area cares for a listen.

Some pics from Tyll:



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I will try and take some better pics, and yeah, I also hate the look of the TRS jack on the front. I have that same crappy TRS jack on my Crack 2 and I am not a fan.

The Pass stuff has also never been a particularly great value buy. It has that dealer premium built in. The used prices are pretty reasonable though.

IMO the SuSy Dynalo is one heck of a performer so the Pass will have to be pretty great to best it.

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Just posted my review in the TTVJ thread on HF.


TLDR: The Pass Labs HPA-1 is a solid debut from Pass Labs. It sounds clear, punchy and neutral. It was a very nice pairing with the Sennheiser HD600/650/800 trinity. I could live with the HPA-1 as my only amp. Biggest con is the price, which is just too darn expensive for what it is. That being said, fans of solid state amps should definitely give this one a listen.

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