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6 hours ago, luvdunhill said:

No integrated ash tray? I presume that’s what the test item was?


6 hours ago, naamanf said:

It was. Was more a test of making something with a lot of beveling and lofting to see how it would turn out. 

With the '70s shag carpeting, an ashtray would not feel out of place...

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I have finally completed my "return to the hobby" stack, by finishing up a recasing and upgrade of my 13-year-old M3. The design itself is 16 years old now, and it still has the same compromises from way back then..... but with a modern OPAMP, easy to drive phones and reasonable execution, I still think it sounds bloody marvellous.

Highlights are a HiFi2000 galaxy case, FPE panels, ADA4627-1B OPAMPs, TKD 2CP2511 pot, 2" sinks and 110 mA output stage bias, complete electrolytic re-cap with Panasonic FR and Nichicon UHE, S11 at 27V, magnetically shielded SumR transformer (30VA, 12+12V), Cree zero-rec Schottky diodes, and a deliciously gaudy volume knob (so shiny, I had to edit out and hide my own reflection!).

Sitting between the R-2R DAC and Focal Clear as my office rig, I'm a very happy camper.

M3 1.jpg

M3 2.jpg

M3 3.jpg

Office Stack.jpg

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18 minutes ago, robm321 said:


Thanks! One thing I forgot to mention... what I think is so good about this signal chain - on a philosophical level at least, with no technical data to back it up - is the incredible simplicity of it.

Vref -> R-2R ladder -> connectors/cables -> volume pot -> OPAMP -> MOSFET -> headphones

The nature of the discrete R-2R DAC, being able to tap the R-2R ladder directly, combined with the minimalistic design of the M3, means there is just so little in the signal path. Fully DC-coupled start to finish, with a single active device providing gain, directly pushing a single output device.

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11 minutes ago, swt61 said:

It doesn't quite make me want to take up the habit of smoking, but it's pretty damn cool.

Thanks, I just whipped it up real quick to make sure I understood how Fusion was going to machine a complex surface, and it would do what I expected. Didn’t want to ruin a $400 chunk of walnut on my first go. 

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I refinished the top of this Tice Original


the original finish hated HD800 headband material - in fact it destroyed multiple pairs and I had to really sand deep to get the gunk off, GooGone failed me. The new finish hopefully will fair better, it’s cooler in color now except for right on the edges where I couldn’t get all the finish off. Time to put this back into use!

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On 9/12/2021 at 4:31 PM, Beefy said:

Finished up a Soekris dam1021 build. This is the new rev7 board with a lot of improvements trickling down from the flagship dac2541. HiFi2000 case, FPE panels, JLSounds I2SoverUSB v.III input, LT3045-based power supplies, direct R-2R output intended for my headphone amp, and buffered output for my powered desk speakers.

My aesthetic stylings and DIY skills haven't advanced even the tiniest bit since 2010, but I like the brutal elegance and minimalist functionality. Most importantly, it sounds really nice.

R-2R 2.jpg

R-2R 3.jpg

R-2R 4.jpg

As I heard Soekris good DAC but not perfect.

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I built my sister a redwood clad mailbox stand




Then Steve and I tried to dig post holes in dry, compacted dirt before hiring a guy named Sergio to do that task. We set the posts with a high tech expanding foam product made by Sika that worked great. It is in a bag with two bladders that you pop to combine and then pour in the hole. It works very fast and was set in three minutes. No bracing and waiting for concrete to set.. The best part is that Home Depot had marked down these bags from $10 to $2.38 and when I checked out they were rung up as $0.01 each. Two cents for footings is pretty cheap. 




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