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NYC Meet Feb 4-5 2017


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Rattle and Hum is a great stop if you are waiting on a train given the Penn Station proximity, it is not a stop I'd recommend over G-Man. There are plenty of places I'd recommend over G-Man but none that would give us a good spot to connect with Stretch. Let's keep it simple and start at G-Man. 


Sunday I will likely bow out of brunch/ramen... and hit CanJam for a few hours. I need (really it is a want) to replace my lost pair of JH13s and would like to test the recent competitors before handing the grand over to JHA. 


It is incredibly unlikely that we'll all going to want to do the same stuff over the course of 2 days but we may be able to  keep it to 2-3 groups and if we post here it will give folks a good idea of options. 

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