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HeadAmp Gilmore Lite mk2 Headphone Amp

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We'll have a prototype of the new GS-X mini at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest next month!

doesn’t suck.

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it's basically the same power supply as the original Gilmore Lite, but it no longer blocks 3 outlets on a power strip as it has a short AC cord on it, and the European voltage you supply your own power cord for it

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I think you're both basically right.  I don't think dual TRS is the goal and Al is correct, those are Neutrik combo jacks that allow for both TRS plugs and 3-pin XLRs.  The front panel says L/SE and R/SE below those two jacks.  And the 4-pin XLR jack is labeled balanced.

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12 hours ago, morphsci said:

Yeah I assumed you could do balanced using dual 3pin xlr. I should have said it explicitly. I was just asking about dual TRS out of curiosity. Anyway, it is Purdy.

I think it's just two SE TRS stereo outputs for "normal" headphones, although I ignore if there's some way to configure them to become an additional way to output balanced signal on two TRS jacks, one per channel.

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